How to create a gallery wall (in 6 steps)

How to create a gallery wall (in 6 steps)

Today we’re hanging a photo gallery wall in
Evan’s aunt’s house. In this hallway. Right here. This one. As with a lot of projects, starting is the
most intimidating part. So hopefully we can break it down into a few
easy to follow steps that anyone can follow along. There are a lot of gallery wall layout tricks,
but we think the easiest way is to measure your wall, mark that out on the floor, and
arrange your frames there first. 131 inches. Let’s see the height. That’s about 3 feet, how does that look? We have our measurements. First we need to decide: do we want the bottom
of the frames to form a level line above this chair rail, do we want the top of the frames
to form a level line, or do we want there to be like a mid line that they’re coming
up and down from. I think that’ll help make it not look too
crazy if there’s some method to the madness. This is our chair rail. Hehe you don’t have to whisper it. I have 2 more when you’re ready. Thank you. You’re welcome! With this the bottom runs parallel to the
chair rail. That looks pretty good. That looks good. Here’s an option if they’re all top aligned
and the bottom is more of a staggered- You’re doing bottom aligned on this again. You’re doing top and bottom. Hehe! Here it is if we somehow magically have the
perfect sizes to align both! Shh that’s what I’m doing now, change of plans,
this is another option. Ok yeah, that would be nice. Here’s one where it’s top aligned. I like the bottom aligned better. I kinda like bottom aligned better. Let’s try center aligned. Ok. This is the more organic option, but it’s
also harder to do without it looking messy. I still kinda like the bottom aligned. Yeah. What do you think? Yeah I like the bottom aligned. Ok, cool. We’ll do bottom aligned. There’s about 3 feet of space in between these,
our visual divider for planning it out. Should we change up the angle? We’ll pretend that this is the chair rail
at the bottom, yeah. So let’s just start laying some things out. We lined up the bottoms, kept the spacing
as even as possible, and tried to balance large and small frames. It might take a bit of rearranging to get
it where you want it. Now flip them over so you can measure the
spacing between the hangers. So in this gallery wall, there’s a few different
frame sizes that are repeated. So I’m gonna go through and measure the height
and width of every frame, and determine the center hanging point for every type of frame. So we ended up with a master list of what
frames went where, and where the nails went for each frame. PS_ shoutout to our Patreon supporters! If you wanna support us too, go to,
thanks! It’s time to mark up the wall! I mean, put nails in. So what we’re gonna do is we want the first
frame to be 8.5″ in, 3″ from the top of this to the bottom of the frame because that will
center the whole arrangement. We’re gonna start in this corner and work
our way over. It’s easy to mess up your measurements ’cause
there’s a handful of things you have to take account of. This is our pretend frame, and this is where
our pretend nail needs to go, here’s our little hook. We’ve measured the size of this paper frame. The nail needs to be an inch and a half from
the top in order to hang in the hook. And it needs to be five and a half inches
from the side. Knowing that we need this to be 8.5″ and this
to be 5.5″ we know our nail is gonna have to be 14″ over from the side of the wall. In addition to that we know that the frame
needs to be 3 inches above the chair rail. So to that 3″ we’ll add 7″ to get to 10″ here. So our nail needs to be 10″ from the bottom,
14″ from the side of the wall. And that’s where we need to mark our nail. So basically we’ll follow the same concept
for every frame. Some frames have 1 hook some frames have 2
hooks but it’s still just doing the math. Worst case scenario you add an extra hole
in your wall. So this is tricky. Once you get started, you start having to
use the other frames as your reference point. We’re no longer using this as a reference
point, we’re using this as a reference point. And we’re leaving 1 inch in between frames. Definitely hang as you go because you don’t
want to make all your nail holes, realize one measurement was off – one inch – and have
to redo everything. Hehe, oh sheet. When Evan has to go on his tippy toes, you
know it’s serious. Haha. Three more nails left. Two more nails left! Let’s see if I got this one right. Every time I’m like uhhhh. If we only messed up 1 out of 14- I messed
up one more- if we only messed up 2 out of 14, that’s not bad. Yay! Yesss. Hope that made sense and gave you enough confidence
to try it on your own. Hahaha. It’s a easy project but it’s kinda hard to
explain all the numbers involved. I think this project would only take a couple
hours if you were doing it yourself. It took us significantly longer because we
were filming it. For you guys! But now it’s dinner time and we gotta go. Bye! Ow. What, what am I saying? You’re gonna say, ok, look at me I’m Evan. Let’s switch sides I have to be you. As with all projects, getting started is the
hardest part- I’m not that short hahaha! As with all projects, getting started is the
hardest part, so hopefully we’ll come up with some followalongable steps that are easy to
follow that anyone can follow! Yay! So well said! I mean, so well said! Hahaha

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  14. Inspiring video! I would suggest using a 1 inch spacer made from wood as a guide between each frame. An "L" shaped one with a 90° angle might even work better than one vertical one and a second horizontal one. Also, I can't believe you pulled this off without using a level or speed sqaure! Great work you two!

  15. After watching this, I just assigned this problem to my MATH 101 students as extra credit. Gave them a three frame sizes and realistic prices, a reasonable budget, and details about hanging hook spacing. Made the "straight line somewhere…" and 1in spacing a requirement as well. 5 points for an arrangement, 10 points for corresponding nail placement. =D THANKS GUYZ for the inspiration (in this and so many other ways).

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  18. Good video but could be made easier by attaching the tip of a permanent marker (or something like that) with blu-tack or sticky-tack in those little frame hooks, facing outward from the back of the frame towards the wall. This would mark the wall where the nails should hook onto the frame, then just use spacer blocks between the frames. After that nail the marks made on the wall. Would cut out a lot of the maths😁

  19. Great video. I followed similar steps when we did our gallery wall. One addition – after laying out the pics on the floor, I took a picture of them so we knew which went where when moving from floor to wall – but we had about 35 pics.

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  24. a tip for you guys after the fact, obviously… lol take your pictures and photocopy the back of them. use them as a template, tape them to the wall where you want it and put the nails in the spot where the hanger is. ta da! 😀

  25. You guys forgot the most important tool here: post-it notes (or masking tape). Stick them to the back of the frames so you can number them and make it easier to keep track of which frame goes where instead of having to measure & re-measure each frame to translate your plan on paper into the real world layout.

  26. i would just tape papir the same size of the frames with a mark on the papir where the nail would go. when finished taping where they should go i would push a pen through that whole to make a mark on the back. then do each piece individually. remove papir, add nail, then photo. repeat. you could also just nail the nail through the papir, rip the papir off then hang the photo.

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