How to: Create an Interior Design Mood Board Using Powerpoint | Tutorial | aseelbysketchbook

How to: Create an Interior Design Mood Board Using Powerpoint | Tutorial | aseelbysketchbook

(music) hello guys and welcome to aseelbysketchbook my name is Aseel I’m
an interior designer and this is my first youtube video so guys I would like
to have my first youtube video represent one of the first initial elements in any
design interior design or not and that is a mood board what is good board you
might ask? good question well a mood board is a collection of inspirational images and
materials and texts anything that inspires you to complete a design
regardless of the type of the design that you’re doing you can think about a
wood board as a tool to help you visualize the room or the project that
you’re working on before you do it illustrate to the client what you have
in mind so you can see what they have in their’s and like confirm if they like
something or not I’m gonna put it really quickly here that I used to use
Photoshop that’s what I’m doing right now since I have some some load of work
on my hand that I use PowerPoint to create my mood boards which is a little
bit unusual we started doing this back in the day when I was an interior
designer an Ikea and I kept going because it’s really efficient and it
puts everything together so if you’re presenting something for the client it’s
already there you can delete an image on the spot if you would like let me show
you inside of my computer like in depth how to create the mood board using
PowerPoint well as you can see guys here now we are actually inside of my
computer I have prepared for you this example of a layout of a mood board but
it’s totally up to you how you arrange the components of the mood board as long
as you have all of those things in it you know so basically we have the main
wood image which will set the tone for the rest of the mood board but it will
also set the tone for the final design and it will connect me to
in the final design and the brief so when for example if you client told you
that they wanted an industrial space with like a hint of tropical what you
want to do is look for a picture that will represent that mood that precise
wood for the sake of this project I found this picture and I thought it was
perfect for like an industrial space with a concrete walls and like a hint of
tropical as you can see so to me this is my main image which I will build on on
this mood board now what I want to do is that I want to enhance the fact that
concrete is a main element it sounds like a very strong presence so I want to
enhance that and convey to my client that I’m gonna be using concrete in
their project in their space so basically what I will try to do is I
will go to Pinterest and I’ll type in concrete texture and I will find the
best like I don’t find the best presentation for my concrete to me this
is perfect so I’ll just copy it obviously you don’t want to do this for
commercial purposes but yeah and I’ve just pasted it on my space my working
space here now I like this but I think it’s too bulky so I want to soften it up
a little bit so I’m gonna crop it at a circle you do that by going to picture
tools format and crop crop to shape and finally you select whatever shape you
would like you click on crop again and you can adjust your circle to the
preferred size that you would like I also need to tell you that this canvas
that you’re working on you can adjust the size for it this is just the
standard size because I honestly I don’t have the need to like run it more than a
three and this is totally fine but if you would like to adjust the size then
you just go to design and slide size custom slide size and you put in
whatever dimensions that you want this to be printed in but anyways going back
to that topic I have the concrete as an element here I like it I’m gonna keep it
as it is and I’m gonna copy some other shapes from a previous work of mine so
for now I want to add like a little bit of metallic texture which is like silver
but it’s a little bit of like crusty silver so I would like to use that as a
part of my design so I can see right now that one of the
missing elements that I want to enhance a little bit more to show more is the
rat on here so basically I want like a bench or something anything that shows
the texture of that and I’ve already went to Pinterest and I found this
magnificent chair that like it’s perfect for an industrial space because of the
leather I’ve at the same time because of their time so I’m gonna copy this image
paste it now the best track hold on oh this is IKEA hello there okay so I
basically I’m cropping to get to the image that I want this is a beautiful
chair okay and and I can see that there is a white background and I don’t like
that because I like my images to be perfectly like crop like if I want to
add the white background I’ll add it to myself by having like a shape but I
don’t like this so what can I do about it because this is not Photoshop but I
will teach you how to make it look like it is photoshopped you can go to after
selecting the picture you can go to picture tools remove background as
simple as that drag your box to just where it where you
want it to be and there you go now this is a perfect example it will not always
be like this let’s say I have like a log would just say that that’s I
have I’ll say I have something like okay let’s say I have something like that
like this log of wood that I would like to add here and let’s say that I want to
add this image but I don’t want the background because I’ve already put my
interest in concrete here so I’m gonna do the exact same thing I’m gonna remove
background now as you can see the shadow is well off the log of the tree it is
there as well so I want to get rid of it what do I do
you can just basically do the same thing picture tools remove background and mark
areas to remove now if I do this it will remove like the portion where it’s
darker it can’t tell what color needs to go and mark areas to keep with mark mark
areas to keep down you have it there you have it of course I’m gonna crop it
anyways because I just I did that to show you but I want a little bit of like
all I want is like a little bit of presence for the wood here for the dark
wood so I’m gonna do that to keep you would board dynamic and interesting you
need to add elements that are not like square or like feted within a box per se
you have to think how you can make it more interesting that making each
material defined by a shape it will give it that dynamic touch that it really
needs now if we look at this beautiful chair right here I’m really in love with
the chair I’m just looking to where I can buy it I can see that the colors
it’s too bright for the vibe that I’m looking for in this photo so what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna show you how to edit it like you’re editing in Photoshop
so this is very cool it’s very interesting if you go to
again picture tools color and he go to picture color options you have this
entire window where you have the saturation color tone presets so what I
want to do is I want to lessen the saturation of this so as you can see
you’ve kept that at Tom and use you would desaturate it which is exactly
what I need to to do and now it matches the wipe of this picture a little bit
more except I want to desaturate this picture a little bit so what I want to
do right now is I want to add a color scheme so how can I do that no not in
Photoshop what I need to do is I need to go to insert and then you go to shapes
you pick out rectangle and you just drag it for as much as you need it now as you
can see it’s blue and it’s that’s totally fine I will cancel out the
outline because I don’t want an outline for my shape but I want the shape full
with an eyedropper as you can see it’s also in the drawing tools and I can see
the most dominant color in this picture is gray which is like my main key color
here and tada okay another trick here is I want to
crop this image like to fill it with in this border from the YouTube title box
and yet I want to keep the gray background because it will look really
cool if I can just like keep the curvature of the plant with cropping
this so what I did is I copied the image twice and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
remove the background from one of them and now I have no background for this
and now I am going to crop it as you can see the background remained you can do
this in a different way can do it in a hundred ways but it looks dynamic this
is the thing you are thinking outside of the box literally and now the only thing that I’m missing
right here is basically the keywords of this image this is how I do it but feel
free to put your keywords first I’ve already done this yesterday so I’m gonna
take my keywords I’ve just selected everything by clicking ctrl a and I’m
just gonna Center the whole thing so right now I’m pretty happy with the
result this is my end product mood board just don’t believe this
and you’re going to find this mood board alongside with this PowerPoint
presentation on my blog so I will link it down below so guys if you stayed here
up until now thank you very much for watching I appreciate it and if you’d
like to see more interior design and left style videos please click on
subscribe it’s either here or here and help that bill if you want to receive
notifications every time I go I’m going to be uploading every Saturday in Chow
Lockhart yeah it was it was a blast thank you for tuning in high-five

52 thoughts on “How to: Create an Interior Design Mood Board Using Powerpoint | Tutorial | aseelbysketchbook

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