How to Create & Arrange the Perfect Gallery Wall | DIY Gallery Wall Art

How to Create & Arrange the Perfect Gallery Wall | DIY Gallery Wall Art

(calm music) – Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! And if you’re new here, hey, my name is Mako,
welcome to the family. Today we’re going to
finally start decorating one part of my craft room, which is the plain wall behind me. I really wanted to be able to look at the window that is next to me, but also face the other
wall in front of me and get inspired. And to be able to be
inspired we need to prepare the wall and
make it really beautiful and inspiring with a wall gallery. I really like the fact that there is this edge on this side, and also an edge on this side, because I feel like when we add the gallery wall, or the wall gallery, I always forget, above it, it will fit,
like, perfectly, I think. Because it will create a frame. So I will use only the space
from this unit til this unit. (calm funky music) 135 by 150. (laughs) So there are different ways how you can lay out all
the frames you have. You can look up on the internet
and see what people did to their walls. I find it’s most beautiful when you have equally spaced out frames. And also frames that are in one line so they are not very cluttered so they have a very nice
structure and balance out. So now we have everything
nicely placed on the floor. We have equally spaced out, almost equally spaced out frames. Everything is in one line, so everything creates
this square shaped shape with all the frames. (peaceful music) So before we hang up all the frames, I would suggest we create some templates, so we actually know where
to place it onto the wall without making holes all over the place and figure out where to place exactly. So let’s start creating the templates with a little bit of paper,
pen, scissor, and our frames. So to create templates, we just need to trace shape
onto the paper, cut it out, and then tape it onto the wall using some washi tape. So, honestly, I’m too lazy for that, but I want to have a
beautiful gallery wall, so I guess there’s no other way around it. (laughs) No we cutted all the templates that are exactly the same size as the frame we’re going to use. And now the only thing we need to do to is measure up where the area is where we are going to add the nail. So we actually know where to hammer it in and don’t create 500 holes before we place everything correctly onto the wall. And now we just need
some tape, washi tape, and our templates, and we now we can start adding templates to the wall, and space it out equally and tape it onto the wall. And then we can add the nail, and then we are almost done. As you can see, it’s perfectly not horizontal. So what I would suggest
is using a water level to actually measure it out and see if it’s horizontal. The things you do for a gallery wall. I think that’s okay. So add your templates one by one, and pay attention to the spacing. I would recommend to use
something about five centimeters or something and just
space it out equally, and just add them one by one. I mean, it doesn’t have
to look super perfect. It doesn’t have to be perfectly perfect. It’s okay if it’s, like, almost perfect. As you can see here, the spacing that I planned out didn’t quite work yet. But the thing is, we used the tape, so it’s perfect, we can move it around until we’re happy, and
then we can add the nail, and then the frames. Ta-da. Now we just need to add the nails, remove the tape, the
template and the tape, and we can hang up the frames. Alright, we have all the templates now, and now I would suggest
if you have big frames, I would use screws, and if you have small
frames, a nail is fine. So all you have to do is
nail it into the wall, or screw it into the wall. And now, just rip off the paper. Yay. (slow rhythmic music) Okay. Since all the frames have different sizes, it was a little tricky to
space them out equally, but I think it still looks pretty. What do you guys think? But, of course, it won’t stay like this. We will add pretty pictures that will keep me inspired and
motivated throughout the day, and I’m going to show you what I picked and two pictures, we’re
going to create together. On my gallery wall, I didn’t want to just
pick out random pictures that looked pretty, I wanted pictures that really inspired me and keep me motivated throughout the day. That’s why I decided to
include some palm trees and some beaches that
inspire me to just keep calm and just relax while working. Another water color quote
to set the tone of the day. And if the day gets stressful, I also have something that
reminds me to just pause, inhale, and to exhale and just relax. I don’t know why Ikea had to
change from glass to plastic. So much more waste. So much more work. I will add some tape
around the little bits so it doesn’t move in the frame later. You’re so smart. Beautiful. Now we just need to check if
everything is still horizontal, and then we’re done. And this is the final result. I really happy how it turned
out because it’s simple, but still very fresh and really cute and inspiring because I have
all the different colors to keep me calm, to keep me inspired, and also remind me to relax, to inhale and to exhale. It’s important because
I always get stressed, and then I’m like. So I have it in front of me all the time, so I hope you like it as well. Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed hanging up
my wall gallery with me and want to see more home
decor videos in the future. And if you are here, don’t forget to subscribe and to click on the bell to get notified whenever
I put up a new video on Thursdays and on Saturdays. Thank you so much for watching guys. Have a wonderful day. I will see you soon. Bye!

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