How To Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Professional | Quick And Easy

How To Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Professional | Quick And Easy

Hey everyone its Karen from Sweet Magnolia Home. Welcome back to my channel. Today we’re going to be doing something very exciting We’re gonna be decorating my Christmas tree. We’re gonna be using lots of Ribbon and ornaments and some big fun things to put in there. So stick around for that if you’re new here Subscribe to my channel if you like this video hit the like button and let’s get started So the first thing I’m doing is putting my lights on of course and Unfortunately, a lot of my lights have bit the dust so we’re just gonna see how far we can get I Do my lights a little different? I don’t do a round and round I Go horizontal and just kind of Tuck the lights in and kind of a zig-zag pattern And I’m just gonna be kind of using these kind of sparingly because like I said I’m down several strands of Lights So just go through and weave them in and out of the branches you want to kind of tuck them in because you want to Give some dimension to your tree And I’m not gonna worry too much about the back because it will be against the wall The next thing I’m going to do is start adding some Larger things to the tree these are going to actually go kind of inside the tree kind of nestled in the tree and some of the Holes and some of the spots and this will add some more dimension to your tree. I used to have a lot more of those but I think just kind of over the years they have disappeared Ok, so I’m actually going to add My bow I Remake this bow every year it’s made of burlap and I’ll take it apart and redo it every year freshen it up fluff it up Pretty much everything that I’m using today I have used for the past three years. I used to change my tree up every year and then I just kind of fell in love with this tree like a Couple years ago, and I’ve just kind of stuck with it Add my little tail pieces Which is also made of burlap and just kind of use the Tree branches to secure them Just kind of makes it a lot easier And then you just kind of nestle the tails into the tree You can even grab continue to wrap the greenery around to make it stay Now I’m gonna continue to add some of my larger items I have stockings that I actually like to Put into my tree. It adds a little bit more whimsy You can do it and you can just kind of tuck them in Okay, next I go in with my stems All of my stems are Pre-cut. They’re mostly poinsettias because I’m using a red and Burlap color scheme And you just want to kind of just go start poking them in wherever you see some holes Looks like it needs something Okay, this is my favorite part of decorating my tree is adding all the ribbon This plaid is actually a new addition this year and I had all the rest before but you want to take two or three strands I Just kind of bunch them together. You want different patterns and different? styles I’m just gonna start in at the top And you just want to kind of weave the ribbon in and out throughout your tree Whatever looks good This is what is going to give your tree that extra little touch And I’ll just take another one and kind of change the pattern up a little bit Now the last thing that we will need to do Or one of the last things we’ll need to do is go ahead and start putting our ornaments on the majority of these ornaments came from The dollar store. I usually kind of try to stick my favorite ones in the front These little guys are plastic I used to do glass ornaments, but now I have three small children, so for their safety we use plastic and if you’re like me and don’t always have an ornament hook you can just use Some floral wire works really great for a hook. I have an ornament bouquet You can kind of just tuck some ornaments in just Give a little more Dimension give some layers to the tree. So I want to mention too that I have my tree sitting on a Like a drying mat like a dish drying mat so that the Stand does not scratch my wood floors. Just kind of look to see where I might need to stick these last little guys Few more things we will put the star on top And I need to put my tree skirt down I will put our star on top and we will be done Sits right up there And there is our gorgeous Christmas tree If you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up Follow me on instagram at Sweet Magnolias Home Decor, where we transform your house into a home piece by piece See you next time. Happy decorating

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  1. Thank you for watching! I hope you feel confident to decorate your tree after watching. What colors and theme do you use when decorating your tree?

  2. Have you ever been told you look like Renée Zellweger? You kind of sound like her too! Love your tree I’m gonna start decorating today thanks for the inspiration

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