How to Decorate Your Living Room | Interior Design

So the living room when thinking about design
is one of my favorite rooms. Why, is because you entertain a lot and I
love to entertain. So in the living room you want your sofa to
be really comfortable for you, your family, and for your friends coming over. Whichever way you like to entertain, some
people like a few people. Some people are always entertaining tons of
guests. You want to make sure that your layout is
indicative to that, so if you want smaller group settings for maybe a group of four people
here, four people there, great. If TV viewing is really important to you,
then you want to make sure that all your seats are facing towards the TV or to the fireplace. The TV you want to make sure that it’s big,
but not that it takes up the whole room. Remember it’s a big black box, so anything
too large is going to seem just really obtrusive. Lighting, you want to make sure that you have
enough task lighting, because I do my work in the living room. So I want to make sure that I can see my paperwork. But at the same token you want ambient lighting,
which is lighting around the perimeter. So maybe you have a lamp in the corner. Maybe you have a low light here and there. Another thing that I love to use are candles. Now you don’t want to burn your place down,
so if you don’t want to use the real ones they have battery operated ones. And you can put those in your candle holders
and nobody would ever tell the difference. Those are some basics for a living room. You add your own personal artwork, maybe a
nice accent wall, and you’re set really. That’s really all you need to make a living
room just personal space for you.

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