How to Decoupage Furniture & Home Decor with Image Transfer Medium | Decoupage Tutorial

How to Decoupage Furniture & Home Decor with Image Transfer Medium | Decoupage Tutorial

Hi there, it’s Rosanne here from Country Chic Paint. You may have seen our tutorial on how to transfer images to your painted furniture with our Image Transfer Medium however did you know that you can also use it for decoupaging? Stay tuned to see exactly how it works so you can create some great decor pieces for your home Today I’m going to be using our Image Transfer Medium to decoupage these crates with napkins to give them a beautiful unique finish. The supplies that you’ll need for this project are our Image Transfer Medium, a paintbrush a pair of scissors, and a sanding block Of course we need some pretty napkins The front and the back side of this crate as you can see were painted with a crackle finish and you can watch our previous tutorial to see how exactly how you can create that look. To demonstrate the decoupage technique I’m going to be using these napkins today but you can also use wrapping paper tissue paper or even fabric for example. The part that I’ll be decoupaging on this crate I have not painted as I want to decoupage directly over the wood. You can pre-paint if you’d like and then you just want to make sure you let your paint coat dry for at least 12 hours before decoupaging it. The edges of this crate were a little bit rough so I used some sandpaper to smooth them out That’s about all the prep I need to do for this. Also before you start your project you want to cut out your pieces of paper or napkin that you’re going to decoupage onto your project. So I’m just going to do that now. Keep in mind that when you’re working with napkins you only want to use the printed layer of the paper so make sure you remove the other layers. So I’m just going to cut them a little bigger than the slats and I’ll just remove the excess later like I said, you want to separate the printed layer from the other two layers which sometimes can be really tricky Now that my napkins are ready to go I’ll be using this paint brush to apply the Image Transfer Medium to my crate. You want it to be fairly smooth and even You don’t need a thick coat. You’ll want to start laying your napkins down soon after applying Image Transfer Medium so that they stick while it’s still wet the Transfer Medium dries fairly quickly so make sure you work in small sections I’m just going to go slat by slat here After you place the napkin on your project you can use your fingers to gently press it down and smooth out any bubbles. Working with napkins is very forgiving. If you use a thicker paper you’re more likely to get air bubbles however you will need to be gentle because napkin paper is very thin and fragile but I’m going for a rustic look as I’ll be distressing this later on so I’m not too worried about making it look perfect. Before you start any kind of distressing you want to make sure you let this dry for at least about four hours but overnight if you can. Now that my crate is fully dry I’m going to do a bit of distressing. If you want a cleaner look you can skip this step but I want my crate to look a bit more aged and worn so I’m going to use a fine grit sanding block to sand down the edges where wear and tear would naturally occur Make sure you brush off any dust this creates and then you’re ready to seal it I’m going to apply one more coat of Image Transfer Medium over everything to seal it all in You could also choose to do this step with Tough Coat if you prefer. The Image Transfer Medium will dry clear so don’t worry about dulling your colors. I’m just going to use my paintbrush again to apply one smooth coat of Image Transfer Medium. So that’s all there is to it! If you liked this video please leave a comment and click the like button We also want to encourage you to subscribe to our channel to never miss any of our new videos. If you want to find out more about our products or to see where you can purchase them please go to our website Thank you so much for watching and happy painting!

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  1. I love using napkins for decoupage. There is a problem with the giveaway. I entered all my info and hit enter to win however the page will not advance to confirm. I tried different browsers but still no luck.

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