How to Design a Flash Sheet | Tattoo Artist

How to Design a Flash Sheet | Tattoo Artist

These are some examples of flash sheet that
I did, actually probably in 2005, so it’s been a long time ago, still current. I like to do, or tell my artists to do flash
sheets, and actually practice flash sheets. I know we all grew up with the Go Cherry Creek,
Paul Booth flash, you know, when we were coming up tattooing, and this is really good art
for the walls. We have a lot of good artists coming up. I got a lot of inspiration from Dave Fox and
Mark Lacoste. Basically what it does is get your ideas out
of your head, and you can actually work with watercolors. We can also, you can learn how to use watercolor,
in painting your flash, and you’re using a lot of the same techniques, when you’re doing
your flash, you’re actually tattooing, so you’re building your craft. You’re actually working on your craft in a
way that you’re painting. I always tell up and coming artists to keep
watercoloring. Water coloring is very, very essential to
learning color blending, learning what colors go with what, how to blend this or how to
blend that, because I tattoo the same way as I watercolor. When you do a flash sheet, you’re actually
using ideas from other people, and it’s a way to… you can see these as prints and
at conventions. I like to put out my art and, like I said,
doing a flash sheet, you’re actually able to get it out there, let people see your actual
artwork. They might like your ideas. And I always say you don’t pick this as your
tattoo, don’t pick it as your tattoo, you say I like something like that. I call it more, rather than a flash, more
of an artist reference, you like my idea, draw one, draw your own, just use my idea,
my format and do your own. Do it like you’re painting a painting, fill
it up, pick two or three, maybe four primary designs and build from that. Make a little depth, make it a little scene,
put some things together that actually work together. I do a lot of flowers and koi fish, flowers
and koi fish work well. Flowers and flowers and flowers work well,
mix it up. I don’t like to mix a couple of different
genres together, I like to keep Japanese with Japanese, and traditional with traditional,
so just have fun with it.

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  1. i did learn something…. u dont have to go to an artist and have them do the art they want you can make it your own.. geezzzz give people a fukin break… maybe some people like this! i am sick of all the negative crap some folks seem to think everyone wants to see and hear… Lighten up a bit and go with being ok with others opinion… or do your own video and see how others like you?

  2. Guys this is James Vaughn, this guys know what his talking about you know! He was a finalist in ink master and this is mostly for people who are trying to get better at tattooing even though he could of said a bit more, this is actually pretty good advice.

  3. You know…I didn't you know think this was you know…as informative as you know I thought you know it you know would you know be you know…so you know next time you know maybe you know go into the techniques you know rather than…you know…talking about stuff that doesn't really…you know…matter

  4. I actually counted that he says "You know" a total of 69 times within this 3:21 video. This tells me that he didn't have a clue what to actually say about the whole tattoo flash thing you know. 

  5. Omg! The number of times he said "you know"! I am trying to watch it but every time he said"you know"
    I die from laughing!!!

  6. Everyone commentating about his " you know" use, has clearly never done a presentation in their life. It's called a crutch word people, we all do it.

  7. Nice video 🙂 I posted it on my Tattoo Flash Facebook Group:

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