How to design a small rental apartment – Tiny Amazing Eclectic Space video

How to design a small rental apartment – Tiny Amazing Eclectic Space video

JANET LEE: My name
is Janet Lee. We are actually in my apartment
in lower Manhattan. It’s my little nutshell
decorating lab. And the basis of my
blog and book. In 20 years, I’ve lived in
about a dozen small space apartments. But along the way, I really have
road tested what works and what doesn’t for
small space living. So I’m always fighting the good
fight against clutter. So as soon as I walk in the
front door after a long day, my mail lands here. And these are just rubber
boating straps. I always like to use
untapped design resources ’cause it’s cheap. And also it gives your
space a unique touch. So in my one bedroom apartment,
I created all these different living zones so that
there’s a nice flow and a sense of dimension
in the space. And this kitchen flows right
into the living room, so I wanted to give it a
visual division. And I did that by using
caviar tins. They’re brand new, so I
didn’t have to deal with the clean up. But I liked using them as a
collection to make a real bold style statement on this wall. I guess I got kind of crazy
about chalkboard paint, ’cause it really comes in all
these vibrant colors. I didn’t know that. I used it for my back splash. And since I like typography so
much, that is actually an equations for a hard-boiled
egg. So every time I look at
it, it makes me smile. So my first approach here in
this apartment was with color. And I actually went dark and
chose grays for the wall. But by choosing a cooler color
on the color wheel, it actually tricks the eye into
thinking that walls recede and go further back than
they really do. And so my living room does
look a little larger than it really is. Right here is my living room
slash home office, and it has to really function
as a home office. This is a six foot desk where
I do all of my work at home, all my blogging. It doubles as a buffet
table for parties. It doesn’t take up visual real
estate, because it is clear. When I moved into this
apartment, it had no architectural interest at all. It was pretty much a
featureless box. I’m a renter, and most renters
have these ugly folding closet doors. I decided to use artist’s
stretcher bars to create my own paneled moulding on
the closet doors. And I used removable picture
hanging strips so I can take it with me when I move
to my next space. So we’re in my bedroom. And the ceilings are
really high. I liked keeping it white, but I
wanted to have a little bit of dimension and art
on the walls. So I found this really great
artist, his name is Tord Boontje and loved his paper
die cut curtain. So I hung a couple panels on
the wall with just a few tacks, so that I can take
it with me when I leave. Shoes just seem to take
over my space. So I am always looking for
storage solutions, and one of them is to hang them
on the wall. All my favorite pairs hang
on these lightweight polyurethane strips. I hang them with removable
picture hanging strips. It’s strong enough to hold
the shoes without any damage to the walls. I created my own floor lamps
out of wall decals. The trick here is the fact
that I found out from my hardware store that a flashlight
wall caddy fits a lamp cord perfectly. And there you have it, 3D floor
lamp that takes up zero floor space. And voila! I really try to fight clutter
along the way. But I realized I have to create
storage solutions that look great and are really
easy to maintain or I’m not going to do it. And I’m always tricking myself
into being neat and tidy, ’cause it’s not natural
for me at all. TRACY METRO: Are you a
social media darling? Do you like to hang out on
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100 thoughts on “How to design a small rental apartment – Tiny Amazing Eclectic Space video

  1. Omg! This woman's apartment is LIFE!!!! I also live in a one bedroom apartment and I'm in the process of decorating and it's alot of fun. I love watching these kinds of videos because it gives me inspiration.

  2. I think this is amazing, there is a lot of furniture in the apartment, but you really have a good taste, and i like orange and yellow touches very much. this is extremely well done! Also all those big things around made the space look bigger, as well as the paint on the wall made it bigger. you are brave to use such dark colors on the wall. I think I like best your corridor, and the huge airy picture on the wall which makes the corridor look more spacey. I will use something like that in my corridor. great stuff! and floor lamp decal!! i need to find that!


  4. her space is very nice bcoz of colors and designs but I think she has lots of things..I feel overloaded. for my tiny space I cannot display lots of things.

  5. This is great design! It's not exactly minimalist, but I do like the way that everything is 'placed', & her accessory designs are quite ingenious!
    But DIY? Yeah right!๐Ÿ™

  6. I need someone like you to help me with my tiny space… that place looks a…m.a.zing

    I sleep in the same room as my living room it's, called a bedsit (5mx4.7m)
    my kitchen is the worse (with only a 2m x 1.75m 'kitchen room) it's hard

  7. I loved every item, every object, every piece she had in that place…… But it was too much….. Way, WAY too much….. Too many colors, too much texture, too crowded, and it must be the hugest freaking dust collecting place to live…… How does she clean that wall of paper doilies behind her bed??? I don't recall getting a good look at the kitchen or the bathroom….. + living that way = DUST MITES.

  8. Love it all, the color, and the large pieces of art on the wall. If you hang small art work it will make the space look even smaller.

  9. too much stuff not enough space. It bothers me. It's nice to know there's other personality types that enjoy this kind of space, it lets us know that we all have different needs.

  10. Her apartment looks larger because it has a space cut out. The dining is missing, so I'm guessing she eats "tea party" style (holding your plate) on the low orange table. I adore the 2 chairs & table in front of the fireplace. Fancy eating & fun

  11. the big question is how can you make it keep clean? do you cleans it up once a day? how and with what do you celan your room, wall, etc? too much stuff it hard to clean in my head

  12. This is so cute and unique!! As an artist and someone who likes colors and different textures, I would totally live here

  13. Wow and wow again. LUV it! Well done Janet Lee. Your style is so chic, artistic and enviting all at the same time. I agree with others in that it is not the typical safe boring white color….it has the look of elegance. You should win award for this if there were a competition. Amazing and thank you for sharing…..also, the enviting part, sometimes peeps can buy really expensive high-end things and paint, etc., and still when you walk in, it feels like a stuffy uninviting place, but Your place is so inviting…for yourself, for friends and also for those times when you need to recoup from the flu or a liquid lunch…delovely. What a great use of space as well.

  14. OMG your entry way…superb. I get so much "junk mail" and am so busy, that I only check my box once a week. Then I go through it like the "wicked witch from OZ–the mean looking one" as I can't stand the junk mail that I will need to recycle. Needless to say, I have a pile a mile of mail on my kitchen sink corner so that no one can see it right away when they come in. Still, the pile bugs me. I do not do coupon clipping from the ads that are in my mail and all of the adverts from local biz's, that honestly get tossed. Your entry way solves that. I already commented, but as I watch this ove & over, I have to say, that I get more and more enthusiastic for designing steals that I luv. In addition, people who are remaining anonymous—relatives trying to win the Publishers Clearing House are sending me magazine subscrips that I did not ask for. Nice, but I would need a vacay to read them all as I already subscribe to mags that I want. Funny, yes. Clutter….errrrr, not so funny. But it is the thought that counts…yes, I can and will recycle the mags.

  15. I love how she's not limited with the colors that she uses it brings so much more energy to the room when you use multiple colors

  16. Cute, charming and inviting, but why that monstrous refrigerator? Would much rather have a small, sleek, European style and size.

  17. For her choice of style she did a outstanding job. Spot on. For me i like traditional, clean lines tone down color. Great job young lady.

  18. I love your sense of color and style. Its refreshing:) I am weary of seeing all white and cream rooms:( My favorite color is coral and I just bought a "new" coral, sage green and cream floral sofa. Thanks for sharing <3

  19. Some wonderful ideas, love the cut out paper walls, the glass desk, the living room seating area the faux floor lamp, the cat! Not crazy about shoes on the wall, seems unsanitary. Very disappointed she didn't address the bathroom!

  20. Omg! Now Iโ€™m super obsessed with the paper curtains!! I love her style and how she makes it look effortless! If I did that my house would probably look like a cluttered mess ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  21. She's made so many clever adjustments in such a small space. The bedroom paper curtain is fantastic! I wonder what more do the 500 odd people who disliked the video, want in life. The place has a vibrant personality. I'd live there in a heartbeat.

  22. This video came out years ago, but it's just what I needed! I am moving into a new apartment soon and while it's a nicer apartment than the one I'm in now, it's a bit small. It's very similar in size to your apartment here in this video, especially the bedroom size. Thank you for posting this video, it's giving me great ideas!

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