How to do Basic Home Repairs : How to Repair Holes in Drywall for Home Improvement

How to do Basic Home Repairs : How to Repair Holes in Drywall for Home Improvement

If you have damaged dry wall and the holes
not too large, it’s very easy to fix for yourself. What you want to do is get some
fiberglass mesh tape, which is specifically made for wall board joints, and just cut off
a section of it, maybe a couple inches, three inches longer than the span of the hole there.
If you get the kind of fiberglass tape that self-adheres, it’s even better and you don’t’
have to put a coat of joint compound down first, which you would have to do if you got
the kind that did not have an adhesive back to it. And I’ll show you what I’m talking
about in a moment.

And I would say square it up and make it look as good as you can
like that. And the next thing you want to do is get some joint compound which some people
call mud. And take a little bit of it on a spatula or a putty knife and just skim a smooth
coat over that. Now, it’s going to bubble up on like this and look funny on the first
coat but you want to let it dry and then once you do let it dry, you can sand that down
a little bit. And what you’ll is come back and add at least one more coat a little further
out- again, this is after it’s already dried- you’re going to skim some on a little bit
wider, sort of feathering out the edges which will hide the small bump being made by the
repair here. And then once again, sand it, prime it, and paint it.

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  1. lol u guys commenting on this r funny,cut more dw out? dont use mud straight from the bucket?,HOT MUD/,ffs,a small hole like that,thers nothing better than mesh tape,ya sure use durabond if ya want to dry it faster,but take it from someone whos been a finisher for 15 yrs,hes right on!

  2. Yes this was very helpful if you want to do it the ancient way (1910)…. Their are newer ways no a days..can we see how to do it in 2007-08

  3. OMG – MetaCafe has the perfect solution search drywall repair – less tools, less money and works for all size repairs – by hoosierdrywall guy. Thanks WhatWouldJeffersonDo

  4. hoosierdrywall at metacafe has this repair nailed..

    I punched a few holes in the wall last night, so I get to fix them.. 🙂

  5. depend son the size of whole if its close to 13" I'd just say cut out to the studs and put on a piece of board to fill the gap. But I've covered holes of about 7 to 12" with standard drywall tape and mud. it just may take more then 2 coats. the proper method to any taping is actually 3 coats.

  6. man i hav a big hole now i hav to find my studs and buy some new drywall but lowes and home depot hafe to pre order it wtf? That cant be right can't they get a piece and cut it down to size for me

  7. I work at different Home Improvement store and we only sell 4×8, 4×9, 4×10, 4×12, 4×14, and 4×16 sheets. we do sell some half size sheets that we have cut down for purposes like that at bargain prices. But the reason companies don't cut down sheetrock and alot of other material is so that the customer won't come back to the store blaming them for a bad cut. It's just a basic business move trying to protect themself from obnoxious liabilities.

  8. they can only order a 4' x 8' sheet then cut it for you, but some Menards stores will sell "scrap" pieces, not sure about Depo or Lowes

  9. Oh wow, you won't believe how much work you saved me, as I need to repair a few small squirrel-created holes in my ceiling – I think I love you!

  10. thanks,home depot tried to sell me 3 small screen covers at $15 a pack. Spent the same on the tape and have enough left over for 50 more holes.

  11. Same here. I kicked my cousin into the wall for the first one. I drove my foot through the 2nd one and my brothers knee went in the 3rd one lol.

  12. you gotta shove somehting in the hole til its full enough to mud over.. i used balled up newspaper before. Just kept shoving it in until iwas tight and close to the surface enough to put the mud over. It comes out bettter then tape. Dont put too much paper that it pushes shoudl be close to the back of the drywall edge and pushed in tight. Either that or learn to be honest to your parents or try to pretend you dont know how it got there lol :

  13. Just so anyone will know, don't use mesh tape it is shit and hard to finish, just use the paper tape and it's much easier

  14. Thanks for the great video. This is a certainly a home repair that many homeowners can do themselves.

  15. for anyone whos handy, is there any way to patch a tiny hole (approx 1/4") in my wall with some sort of putty or something without having to replace an entire square around it? i misplaced an anchor for hanging a frame and need to move it over a bit.

  16. my observation regarding drywall repair (as one who has reluctantly done a pretty good bit of it) is that the thinner the mud, the potentially easier the job. thick mud right out of the bucket makes a nasty, hard to work, mess.

  17. @Bl00dSh0T7100 There are a couple of options. If you have a utility knife cut the hole so that it's square, about 200mm or 8 inches. You might have to put a small length of 100 x 50 (4" x 2") into the hole. You will have to screw the timber to the wall once you have it in place. The next step is to somehow find an offcut of drywall and cut it to the same dimensions, perhaps slightly smaller than the hole in the wall. Screw the drywall to the timber that you have inserted into the origional hole.

  18. @Bl00dSh0T7100 At the age of 16 it might not be easy to find all of the gear that you need to plaster the wall. However, I have come across many videos and tutorials on youtube. Good Luck

  19. Nice video, it looks like an easy fix. I was running a tv cable line in to my room and mangled the inside.

    To you folks who punched holes in the wall, I use to do this years ago when I was younger. It's all good and stress relieving until you hit the stud by mistake. Now I can't make a complete fist with my right hand due to broken knuckles. 😉

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