How to Draw a Monster | Graffiti Art

How to Draw a Monster | Graffiti Art

Hi, I’m Paes 164. Now I am going to show you how to do a character. Once again, getting your base wall color down,
I feel that black is a great color to start a character with, that way you kind of build
up off your shadows. So I’m just going to do a little goofy little
monster, something I might typically replace my E of my graffiti piece, so it’d be P-A,
graffiti monster, S still representing my E. Let’s go ahead and start off with the base
shape of the monster and I’m going to use the same color that I’m going to paint my
monster, a blue monster in for my sketching. Having that black as a background, as a base
definitely eliminates spending a lot of time having to shade in all that black. You can just come in and see what I’m doing. I’m kind of just building this blue into the
black and only as my base color. Doing some of the same flair techniques, as
I’ve shown in the other videos. Kind of working my way all the way around
the lip with this blue. Again, whether realistic or cartoonish the
black really serves as a good base to fade into. I also came in with a little bit of a darker
blue, but you can still see how I’m utilizing that black to build my shades up off of. I got these big bubbly eyes popping up. I’m going to go ahead and re-outline them
white and color them in. Getting into your character it’s definitely
better to use thinner tips and outline tips. Like the graffiti piece itself where you’re
building up from a primer and building into it with the cuts and the fades and everything
we talked about. Now I’m going to come in and also add a little
bit of the background. Kind of the same type of landscape background
that we worked on in other pieces, just by fading in my darker color purple. I’m using a little bit of a fatter tip. That way you get a nice fade easy. Right now, I’m going through and just getting
all my outline done, some areas doing some thicker lines. I’m getting this setup for all the highlights
I’ll be doing in my green. All right, I’m working my way through this
character looking pretty shabby-shabby. I’m just going to take a little bit of this
green, something that’s going to compliment the blue, do a couple of highlights and you
know just have a lot of fun. Whenever you do do characters, like I said,
it’s just kind of a format on how to break it down. Whether it is realistic or cartoonish just
get your base color down, get a good background color going. Use the right type of tips and just break
it down and format it right back out. This green is really going to set it off.

100 thoughts on “How to Draw a Monster | Graffiti Art

  1. Here I come, old boiler factory!

    JK I would never defile something like this. It is fun to look at, though.

  2. lol idc how good you are with the art, wearing a mask is essential and I don't respect you if you don't at least mention that, let alone portray it.

  3. look, it is a very nice graffiti but not so helpful, especially cus the video tells me that it is a tutorial mentioning the "how to"

  4. Not easiest character to start with, you should check KIWIE videos (i was learning from him when i was a kid)

  5. I watched a video of guy painting on a wall he was using a app the cell phone was showing him I outline and he was painting. can't find the app any idea

  6. Your Passion Inspires! Would love to interview you or any graffiti artist for my blog:

  7. I guess I dont understand the artist brain at all. Like this is a how-to video but I dont understand like… how you know how to draw the lines so they do that… idk. I am in awe.

  8. 壁にでっかく書くから 自分が 何処塗ってるのか バランスがわけわからんくなりそう(笑)


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