How to Draw an A | Graffiti

How to Draw an A | Graffiti

My name is Paes164 and I’m a professional
artist. I’ve been painting since a teenager, and I’ve
been doing it for 20 years now. Find me at ( My
Facebook is So, i’m going to start off with the letter
A. We’re going to do, little bit of a bubble letter check it out. This is basically just used to get your name
up on the street. Something fun and fast. You basically just want to do something that
you don’t have to stop spraying. Its usually something you’re doing quicker. Also, a little 3D to kinda just bold up the
letter helps a lot. Just like that is a letter A. So, with a block
buster, really self explanatory, it’s a big blocky letter that once again, everyone is
going to be able to read from a block away. Kinda come through with the initial color
of your letter and just do your rough sketch of however you want to line it out, just something
really legible. Now again with a blockbuster, its not so much
about, you know, your details or your piece but more about just getting those letters
up and letting people read it. Now, with some black or any type of darker
color we’re gonna come and outline it. After outlining it we’re gonna come in and
trim it off with a little bit of 3D to make the letters pop out some more. So, kinda just following around like a shadowbox
around the letters. Off to one side. Ok, and that’s the blockbuster letter A. Again,
kinda just starting with your sketch, but its really just taking that initial letter
and twisting it out and giving it your own personality and style.And any color can, you
wanna sketch with is fine. Just about right there, we’re gonna start
with our sketch of the A. You can see, unlike the throw up and the blockbuster its just
a couple more twists but ultimately it’s still the letter A. Color choice is always up to
you. To make your letters stand out good, you should
always mix a combination of dark and light. Before you come back and add your outline,
now’s a good time to add any cheesy details to make your letters stand out. When coming and doing your outline, you’re
kinda coming in and cutting against the lines of the letter that you shaded just to kinda
clean it up and touching it up with the outline, followed by inner gel will make the letter
pop. So we’re going to move on to adding a little
bit of 3D, once again its all about making those letters pop, and making peoples jaw’s
drop. What?! Next step, back to the inner outline known
as the inner gel. Basically you want to go with the brightest
color of the grouping colors you’re going to use for this piece just to kinda give it
that edge and that pop, and that graffiti look. Lets make our wild style look that much cooler,
we’re going to add a outer outline known as the “outer gel”. There you have it, wild style A.

100 thoughts on “How to Draw an A | Graffiti

  1. maybe it is because we don't want people like this fuck wit and dumb ass little kids like you fucking up graffiti culture.

  2. Its looks "great" for you because you have no knowledge of graffiti… it takes years of practice to develop your style , can control and other sh**…

  3. Shutup wildmouse. Everyone that writes is a biter every TRUE writer knows this how do you think all the different styles came to be. Just like everyone that starts is a toy. So shut up.

  4. it was better without the inner and outer outline for the wildstyle in my opinion but dude thanks so much for helping you got a cool style

  5. Cool video,I 've been trying to teach myself graff for a few months. The first 45 seconds of this video helped a lot. 

  6. For people saying he is shit. Why come watch a video for how to do graff ? You must be the toys at graffiti then.

  7. Hey man I just stared to do graffiti and I suck really bad and I could never do this but thanks for trying to help hopefully by summer I can be ok and tag my name everywhere but I'm only 14 and I know street name not first or last but thanks man I sub

  8. This looks so easy but I bet I couldn't do that. I wanna start graffiti but I'm not good at lettering. 😞

  9. i dont know why i needed to see this. Now i know how to draw the letter A in some of your styles. i could have googled the letter A in graffiti and just copied all the results, then gone on to experiment myself.

  10. Wild style more like toy style i draw graffiti for 1 month and i can draw better than your wildstyle but in freestyle,no wonder people call you toy can't even make 1 letter with out your shity arrows,learn'd basics of graffiti felling like a king? fuck you go and learn some legit letters!

  11. Thank you, your videos are really helpful. Do you have any tutorials regarding the caps and tricks used for your pieces?

  12. 20 years? Yeah bullshit. Any sensical writer wouldn't call the second a he did a fucking blockbuster. This guy is a fucking joke

  13. great video ogee…you pretty much explained the starting of street lettering from throw-ups to bombing and then the burners..just noticed you have game nerds commenting lol…keep rockn brotha..peace

  14. 20 years and can't do simple straighht line, after 10 episodes, im still unsure if this is troll or not, hilarious :DDD

  15. Hahahaha 20 years of writing ? Fuck outta here toyyyy can’t even catch a clean line
    Much less an actual handstyle lmaoo

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