30 thoughts on “How to Draw with Ink

  1. NO some people don't. So don't be a d bag and keep quiet. If you knew what the video was, then why comment like that?

  2. One note, maybe you could have expressed some of the difference in different pound expressions of paper instead of the just the different types of paper. All in all, another decent Howcast. 😉

  3. Really everybody… If your intending on using ink and pen with nib(s) use bristol board of at 150gm -230 gm in weight. Otherwise your ink will bleed and your nib will ruin any paper surface. I have been using nibs and india ink for many years and this video is poor in explainng the 'exact ' material that is suitable for nib work.

  4. Love ur work u are so talented,is there some kind of instrument besides the pen u are using,i am experimenting with pouring acrylic inks with dropper comes out thick.Was wondering is there something else on the market besides the pen u are using ,since i can't pour inks with it.Thank u

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