87 thoughts on “How to Drill into Your Wall

  1. These "How to do" videos are getting more and more useles… I bet anyone can make a hole in the wall, heres my tutorial:
    1. Get a drill
    2. Use the drill to drill the wall

  2. Cut the sarcasm, guys; there are those of us (coughmecough) who are basically competent people but can't drill holes in the wall to save their lives! 😉

  3. Hi, I'm a 24 y.o. girl who's been wanting to be able to drill holes for decoration for ages. Can you please explain how do I know what type of wall I have? Is it really important to choose the right bit?

  4. More than likely it's sheet rock. Depending on whether you live in a house or an apartment. Sheetrock walls are a lot easier to punch without breaking your hand compared to concrete. There's your tester. Further more, as long as your bit isn't rusty and 20 years old, you'll be fine. OR YOU CAN STAY IN THE KITCHEN AND LET A MAN DO IT. LOL

  5. Yes everyone, follow helpful mario.  Just drill into your wall, never mind if you are drilling  horizontally  or vertically of an  electrical  outlet or switch 😀

    Good luck with the electrocutions 😀

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  7. Is it dangerous if you're not that strong? I have so many ideas for my house but it is pointless because I'm afraid to use hand drill. I'm a woman and I'm weaker than most of women I know :/

  8. thanks i had trouble making a hole into a brick but i just went to grap a bigger drill from my husband seems to work 😀

  9. doesnt work
    my wal is stuffed with debris from ww2 that they found lying around,
    yes, it actually is. so i drill and then i hit something hard and the bit wanders all over the place until it slips past the "hard thing" and goes and gets pulled downards at an angle and now i can replaster the wall!

  10. What a bunch of whiners. This video is actually really informative and people are complaining about the music and fact at the end…

  11. i was just drilling a little hole hang a picture up and i tripped over and ended up drilling in to my neighbours house i think shes gonna be mad what sud i do just deny it

  12. i watched this and i could only find an electric screwdriver and a drillbit for metal haha, tried it and it worked out fine for 2 small holes into a soft wall, plaster like material.

  13. If you're going to share a fun fact from the past, then you need to follow up with it. Whether or not it's true. If that is no longer the case, then there was no reason to share this information.

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