How to Feng Shui Your Art | Interior Design

So Feng Shui and art is really important. You know we use art all the time, but are
you aware of some of the symbols that are in your artwork? For instance, when you walk into a doorway
or you walk into you home, make sure that your artwork does not have mountains, in the
sense where you’re coming across a big object. So if you come to a mountain that is pretty
much a dead end. You can’t go anywhere, so if you have that
in your artwork you’re pretty much at a dead stop. When it’s behind your desk though, it’s very
prosperous, because that means that that’s grounding you. So mountains behind you when you’re working
are fine, because that’s your ground and your foundation. The mountains in front of you when you walk
into a room, that’s really bad and it stops you dead. Things that add to prosperity, water right? Water is fluid and so if you have anything
with oceans or maybe brooks or valleys with water in them, that’s always good. It means prosperity. Especially if there’s a boat or a ship coming
towards you, because that means that prosperity is coming towards you and that’s kind of like
your ship is arriving. Those are really great things to bring luck
and harmony into your space. In the bedroom you want to stick to two’s,
because two means that that is your partnership. So you never just do singular. You always do a duo. Flowers and things that promote love, like
flowers and pretty scenes and valleys, those are always great. So you just want to be aware of, like I said
the mountains, be aware of the water. These are your basic fire and water and earth
elements that is really prominent in Feng Shui. Just be aware a little bit, and when you’re
shopping for your artwork, it can still be fun. But just be aware of some of the subliminal
messages that Feng Shui adds to your home.

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