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HOW TO FIT A BATH TAP – Plumbing Tips, honest reviews and advice. HOLD TIGHT and welcome to todays plumberparts very echoed video Today I’m going to show you how to change a bath tap over on a free standing bath What we’re going to look at is pretty simple and streches between all types of tap changes on baths. I’ve also done my back in playing cricket, so my lower lumber is in agony. This is not the sort of job you want to do if you have a bad back but today I’m gonna dig deep for you guys my viewers and the customer to get the job done, LETS GO! So here’s the bath tap we are going to change, underneath you will have two plastic nuts and the two water connections. Fortunately this tap has flexible’s going up to the tap itself which makes it a lot easier to do the change over A lot of the time you’ll have ridgid pipe going up to that, loads of you will take the nuts off, take the tap and everything like that out and then try and re seal your pipe connection and put the tap back together like that probably not the best way to do it. If it was me I would always bite the bullet and cut the pipe and put flexible hoses back on so the next time there’s any trouble you’ve got a nice nice flexible hoses and the job will be easy just like now. Here is our replacement tap beautiful we have a three quarter inch connection here or 22 millimetre There’s a flat face here so that will need a rubber seal to make it water tight. Looking at how you fit the tap to the bath itself I’ve spread it so this area here is where the bath is going to be This part will be above the bath, it’s the decorative fascia but also importantly it’s got a rubber seal just under there so water doesn’t run down the hole when you’re splashing about in the bath and water goes down under the bath. then underneath that on the underside of the bath we have a rubber seal here and then a nut that we have to tighten up under the bath that will make it rigid and properly fixed. that’s the same on the other side. So lets take the old tap of first. And then get on with putting the new one in Right so lets just turn the tap / faucet on. Then we go down here and turn the isolation valve off. do the same on the other side The tools you’ll need on this job are the tube spanner which has two sizes, one for a small basin tap / faucet and this is the large bathroom tap connection there We’ve also got the claw. Which we used on how to change a kitchen tap. We have another type of claw that can go up onto a nut from underneath or from the side Two sizes again, bath and basin. We will use these tools so you can get an idea of how we use them and how we get the job done So now we have the water turned off we can remove this connection here. This is the water connection nut. As you can see there isn’t much of a turning circle. Probably get a bit of water out at this point Right, then remove the plastic nut Take the plastic nut off. Buy now you’ll be swearing. Do that to the other side, then you’ll be ready to take the tap / faucet out and put the new one in Now we’ve removed the other nut and water connection the tap should just lift out Before we install The new tap just get a cloth and clean around the surround where the old tap / faucet was now we can pop in our new tap making sure that our surrounds don’t clatter on the sides Make sure they line up and sit in their holes Now all we need to do is put on the rubber washers and screw the nuts up underneath and that will attached the tap / faucet nice and firmly to the bath do that to both sides Once they are tightened up get the flexible hose attach it to the tap thread and tighten it up, again to both sides Once the tap is back on a tightened up and the water connections are there we can turn the water back on and test for leaks. Once the water is on you should be able to turn the tap on So there you go you’ve learnt successfully how to isolate the water remove your old bath tap put the new one in with a clean looking finish put the water back on, test for leaks and have a brilliant bath tap I hope you found our video helpful Follow us on twiiter and facebook and subscribe! I’ll see you all next week Remember everyone, HOLD TIGHT! Honest reviews and advice

56 thoughts on “HOW TO FIT A BATH TAP – Plumbing Tips

  1. i bet that was 1 of the easiest freestanding taps uve done lol and that bit of water is what was just left in the tap spout big

  2. LOL Lucky that bath had some space at the end, or it would have been take the bath out time. Or, worse still, go in through wall from room next door. Taps along wall of the bath – don't do it folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I noticed that too GavFre, would be interested to know why that happened or whether it was just some water dripping off the end of the screwdriver.

  4. Dude, how do you do your back in playing cricket? I take it eating sandwiches at 'tea' is the most strenuous aspect of cricket!

  5. Dude! Our hot water outlets are very low pressure, hardly owt comes out. The cylinder is in the loft of a 2 storey house. What could possibly be wrong?!

  6. Watching all your videos now. Very informative.
    I would have maybe put a cloth or towel on ground to collect spilt water. Things like that keep the woman of the house happy 🙂

  7. My old plumbing lecturer when doing up his bathroom used flexible hose's for all the sanitaryware. He got home one day to find one had blown. It caused 15 grands worth of damage!!!

    I wanted to ask how it could have blown after all he fited it but I chickened out for fear of him smashing my head in with a pair of stilsons

  8. I just had to do this on an enclosed bath when the original installer had cut SQUARE holes to put the taps through (you can guess how good they are at keeping water out….they are now silicone valley). Its a pig of a job (not helped by glass fibre rash from rubbing on the bath).

    Fiddly little fecker

  9. Even I could do this EXCEPT, the plumber who originally installed my bathroom didnt put shut off valves on sink/bath!!! 🙁

  10. i got two single taps , one hot water and other cold water , but they are too close from wall. is it possibel to take them off and put one like you showing in the video?

  11. Hi, great video. I have just replaced my old bath/shower mixer for a new one, but now I don't get any water through to the shower head, but the taps are fine! Any ideas?

  12. Hia:-).. good video! Im thinking about replacing my bathroom sink mix (single? centre) tap myself,  do you have a video for doing  of this? or is it the same as the bath?

  13. to me it looks easy but when I asked my husband tho change our bath tap he says it's very complicated….so I'm stuck with a broken bath tap….

  14. cheers for the vid fella now full of confidence to change my taps for the shower version make the wife very happy 😉 have a great day keep the vids coming new subscriber here

  15. Having a mare! Base rings have corroded away and needs changing. The taps are situated on the far wall and i cant see anyway to get to them without taking the bath out. Any advice, can the taps be stripped to replace the base rings?

  16. 2:23 Flexi has got an identical thread to the isolation valve. Couldn't these to be coupled directly without a piece of copper between?

  17. Hi, was just wondering, if you have a bath mixer that has a wide base (not 2 stubs sticking out the top of the bath) and it has what looks like a foam type /seal?/ that goes in-between the bath and the mixer base, is this actually a seal or do I need to apply silicone?

  18. By watching these and other videos I fitted a full bathroom suite in my house. I have since fitted 2 more for family. It can be done, but it certainly takes me longer. 3 days for the first and 2 days for the other two having learned a lot by then. I think the trick is to know where your limitations are and call in the professionals if you are out of your depth. Anyway, thanks for the videos and oh yes "Hold Tight"

  19. Another great video – very useful tips and practical advice – appreciated / subscribed / thumbs up…
    I am installing a Hansgrohe iBox with bath mixer and Exafill as part of a bathroom re-fit (note – bath only – no shower)
    The hot water supply is pressurised throughout the house by a Salamander ESP100CVP 3.0 bar pump.
    I intend to fit isolating valves on the supplies to the iBox but I'm not sure whether I also need to fit check valves/non-return valves and if so, where these should be fitted?

  20. Hi guys 1:18 3/4 inch pipe is 19mm NOT 22mm as stated in video. Purchased the wrong flexis after watching this vid.

  21. Thank you. Our tap has just full on gushed water all over the place. Watched this just to know how to put it back on. Think I'm confident now on how it goes back on.

  22. Hi. Love your vids, have helped me complete many simple jobs 👍🏻 Quick question, I’m going to be changing mixer taps on my brothers bath, the hot tap currently has a flexible connection whereas the cold is a fixed pipe, does this matter? Thanks 🤘🏻

  23. Help! I've just fitted a new set of taps to my Mums bath but the flexi water pipe doesn't fit. Will it most likely be a 25mm to 20mm reducer?

  24. kami menjual Bathtub Tap dengan beberapa ukuran silahkan bisa cek langsung link di bawah :

  25. Links to the tools I use everyday here:

    Plus, follow my Vlog “TimesWithJames”:

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