How To Frame an Archway

How To Frame an Archway

Hello my friends in this video
we’re gonna make a opening from the living room to the kitchen and I gonna show
you how to properly frame an opening with a bearing load weight wall, holding wight wall. Oh yes is this recording? Hello Bahiano here, in
this channel we help homeowner to take charge of their own project and get
the job done. Let’s work, okay let’s show you guys the
other side of the wall we can walk through here or go around, right I just
have this 2×4 here just to support the the trusses is not a lots of weight in there, but is how we gonna do it. we measured and we cut out the size of
the opening that we want in here and now we didn’t go all the way to the ceiling,
because we just don’t want to remove all the curve on the ceiling, we want to leave it, yes this is a bearing weight wall, you also need to put a header to support it we are using wood screws, it is a square
head and we use a square bit and the screws are good for wood, oh I just put one screw to hold in there and I have this one already pre-cut the support to support that I’m putting, we call it cripple. We have one two by ten in there, is enough is enough to support the weight for now, I just need to remove
this 2×4 here to use it on the other side so, I’m just gonna have removed one of it. we just cut here the cripple to support the
the opening for the bearing load wall, so we I just use this as a measurement, I am not
going to use the measuring tape, I just put it there, a little bit slight about one little
bit 1/8 more than this, because you you can see as I just mark it a
little bit short, little bit longer than I need because I have the pencil mark plus I
have the saw cut, so I have to give that deduction plus we need it tight this is the 2×4 that I just cut, I just wanted
it to go tight, yes it it should be tight that way it support the weight. put it like that guys, just wants to put
the other piece in, because we have two pieces, we have two pieces two by ten so
I just want to add this other one in. nice tight, just gonna fill these with screws. I’m just gonna put some screws now that
is supported, just want to make sure it is tight there together and hold good tight, in
some case you can use wood glue. we did not use glue, so I can put the extra screws. From here I just gonna put some
screws to the top I got a put this way to hold on the plate up there, like you guys
can see the Dewalt drill is a good piece to have the old timer, but works great up to
today. Yes we used two by ten on this one,
because we just have them around, but you could use like for the weight that we have
have in here you could use even two by six, this is just to hold the trusses up
there and just the extra support, I gonna take some measurement and once we know exact the size of the opening we’re gonna put probably another extra piece
in here, extra piece of 2×4 right on the corner where we want the open to finish
another one here on the top to make sure it’s the right size, first we gonna take
some measurement for the cabinet and then we decide 100% how big gonna be the opening, but for now this part is done and is looking good so I’m going to use these clamps to try to
tighten up the two by four little bit, now we’re just gonna put some screws on
them to hold them on place nice and tight. We put two 2 by 10 for Heather to
support the weight and put forth 2 by 4 here. we installed two 2 by 4 two were already from the wall so this is done and then once we have the measurement of the exact measurement for the kitchen we’re just gonna cut a bit more here, this is
part of the half-duplex reno project and we have more videos and we link them that way you can guys check them out, thank you very much and I love you guys, thank you for your
support and if you want to see more video please click on that pretty face and it take you to subscribe thank you very much

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