how to get gravel and mud out of well casing

how to get gravel and mud out of well casing

this video is to help a guy who’s been
digging a well using the same method that I used and it’s come across a
little problem actually several and he’s thinking about giving up and I’m going
to give him the same kind of encouragement that y’all gave me when I
was going to give up on my table saw so this is 483 Colson here’s what you do
here’s your casing you get a soup can a massage you can fit down the case this is going to be real time I’ll try
to do it real quick I got a trouble with a cutting tool on I got the gun I’m bad but if anyone at this time you alright this is what I have then car needlenose pliers you open it up to about the size you
think pea gravel might be turn around do the other side the same way here’s what you got when you turn it of
course it will be upside down but when you turn it it will scoop up that pea
gravel into this here’s what you do not couple of holes in suicide stick some like a stick over even you
could even drill a hole into the pipe that you have education
slides down the casing to the P travel turn it
when it fills up pull back up and dump it out when you get through the pea
gravel close these up a little bit like maybe a quarter of an inch and you can
get the the mud out as long as it’s not too watery it’s really watering you’ll
have to close these up even more but you can do this don’t give up man you’ve got
a lot of work on that well and and the money to buy the auger you know give it
one more shot you can do this hope this helps

29 thoughts on “how to get gravel and mud out of well casing

  1. Smashing, like your kindness mate 🙂

    You have made a sort of drill, like an archimedes screw, but with a twist, oooow sorry lol 🙂

    I do like the drill + storage idea 🙂

    As far as the bench saw is concerned, you did it all !!, you just needed a poke with a stick to get you going, ha ha :~)

    Hope you have helped him.

  2. this was for someone who dug a well using the method i did nad the casing filled up with mud and then gravel was poured in on top of the mud. he was fixin to throw in the towel and give up and i was showing him a simple cheap way of digging it out. hows that stove? cook on it yet?

  3. This is a good idea, I'll try it with my own problem.
    I hit a pea gravel layer at 1m deep, and it's really hard to drill using water, the pea go up the surface if i use up and down motion and seems floating around the bottom layer, maybe i should use mud with high viscosity, or a mechanical drilling method to drive the casing down.

  4. I came across this looking for ideas on how to clean out my gray water pipe that has a hole in it and is now full of mud and roots. i didn't know about it when I bought my house but it looks like someone hit it with a tiller and instead of fixing it they put a license plate on it and covered back up with dirt.
    This may help me with that problem. thank you sir for posting this it will be a trick i will not soon forget.

  5. I have muddy clay well with silt and sand that comes out through the pipes.. Especially when it rains alot the water gets dirtier and more cloudy.. What can I do??

  6. Badass my hole is like 3 1/2 inch diameter and about 8 feet down I have what look like lots of 3/4 inch pebbles and sand. this will work fcking great on a long pipe to scoop out a few inches at a time. Only need to reach 20+ feet.

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