How to get rid of all the epoxy resin bubbles

How to get rid of all the epoxy resin bubbles

alright so you’ve poured your resin,
it looks awesome but they’re bubbles in the surface that keep
forming…now most of them will go away by themselves but there’s a couple methods I’m gonna
talk about here getting rid of your bubbles. so the first and easiest method
is simply to just blow on them with your mouth you don’t have to blow hard you’re just going to see them disappear you can you get a little straw blowing in
specific spots that also really helps the second method is a hair dryer doesn’t work – not enough heat. scrap
that idea even if you read about it doesn’t work. another thing is a heat gun…it does work, not my favorite method not the one that I do…they usually have
cables and I find that when using heat gun the
cable will often get in your resin you have to manage that thing if you can get a battery operated one
that’s okay but the best method is to use a flame. so we just have this
it’s a kitchen flambe torch you can use a larger propane torch but this one is fine it’s butane just like a lighter all you’re gonna do Is probably maybe 4-5
inches don’t be exact back and forth just cover
every bit painting with the heat and you’ll just
see the bubbles being forced out you just have to go over the whole surface once until you’ve covered every bit then your best to just you know give one last
wipe of any drips cover it and then get
outta there awesome so that’s how you get rid of all the bubbles on your
ArtResin peice. I hope that was helpful if you have any more questions we do have a massive FAQ on you can always leave comments below with any your questions we’re happy to help you out…maybe even make a video showing you what to do as always our #ArtResin contest
is on and we’re still picking one winner a month to get FREE gallon of ArtResin cool…looking forward to seeing what you make!

13 thoughts on “How to get rid of all the epoxy resin bubbles

  1. I have been having a huge problem with hundreds of tiny bubbles in a sphere mold. I will try the straw thing but these bubbles are all through the mold from top to bottom making the sphere look like a milky cloudy mess.

    – Heidi

  2. Hi thank you for your quick response,  I have spoken to a friend regarding acetone he informed me that acetone leaves a film on the resin. Hope this helps you. by the way what is your name,Regards Ian

  3. While mixing my resin the bubbles came out and started floating in the air I am concerned about inhaling them. Since then I ware a mask but still concerned about if I did inhale them. Have you ever heard of this?

  4. Hi how much time till the bubbles stop popping up , and how long can i leave my tape on the edges of my canvas so the resin doesn't run off. Love the resin best so far , love video Friday .

  5. I am wanting to make Domed paperweights in resin  and put items inside. This Would be a 2 inch domed.  Im wanting to keep it bubble free.  Any suggestions?

  6. One thing that people will learn is no matter how well you went over the whole piece with a butane torch you may still end up with a bubble. They can and will form after you have covered the piece and walked away . The learning process with this stuff gets very expensive very fast.

  7. It's not the heat so much as it's the co2.. I don't know why but that's why your breath and fire work but not heat.. so much.

  8. Hi, how to correct holes or craters that form on the canvas after drying the resin, and and have you a video to show how to put the sticky paper around the canvas. Thanks a lot for answering

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