How to Grow Grass From Seed – How to Plant Grass From Seed

How to Grow Grass From Seed – How to Plant Grass From Seed

If you have a bare spot in your lawn I will share the steps to grow grass from seed Pick a high quality perennial grass seed. Pick sunny, shade or sun/shade depending on the area in you lawn. You want to spread 10 to 15 seed per square inch you don’t want to over or under apply the seed you want the seed to touch soil If grass seed doesn’t come in contact with soil, it will not germinate Clean up the area before you put down seed. rake up remove all debris and weeds you can rake and loosen the soil the seed does not have to be buried it can set on top of the soil Always add a starter fertilizer you only need a small amount once the seeds start to grow, they use up the nutrients inside the seed as the roots start to enter into the soil they need nutrients so add starter fertilizer you can also use a topping soil with starter fertilizer added to it you can rake topping soil into the area then, the most important thing is to mist the seed twice a day twice a day for 2 weeks some seed blends have different germination times some germinate in 2 weeks some take up to 4 weeks to germinate, so water every day is important for two weeks and that’s the key, a lot of
people let the seed dry out don’t flood the area with a hose it will push the seed around you want a spray nozzle with a misting option so that you can mist the area and keep
the seed from moving around another important step is the time of year you want daily temperature between forty five and seventy five degrees this temperature will help the seed germinate without drying out if the seeds dry out, they die fifteen seed per square inch make sure the seed touches soil add starter fertilizer and mist
twice a day for at least two weeks once the seedlings reach one inch high then you can go down to one watering a day and then when your seedlings are 2
inches high you can then start to mow after mowing twice, you can water
once a week Follow these steps for a great lawn

53 thoughts on “How to Grow Grass From Seed – How to Plant Grass From Seed

  1. Hi,
    It could be the type of grass you have.
    You could be giving it more fertilizer than your neighbors.
    You might be cutting it longer, which also helps shade it and help it grow better on hot days.
    Your soil ph might be better than your neighbors.
    You might have a better watering schedule.

  2. Do you recommend Scotts EZ Seed as its both a fertilizer and seed? I tried it and not much is growing yet I haven't been diligent with watering. Is that the key?

  3. Hi,
    Scotts puts out a good product. The key is that the seed is touching soil and then misting it twice a day for 2 weeks. The daily watering is very important.
    Check out more detail in the description under the video.
    Good Luck

  4. After I rake the dead grass on top, do I put down fresh topsoil, then the Scott's EZ Seed, then more soil or so I just rake then put the EZ Seed down and water (mist) 2x/day?

  5. Hi,
    I would rake, then put down a light topping of soil and then spread the seed over the top and water it in.
    Then be diligent with the watering every day. You should have great success.

  6. Hi I just took out my old grass with rotor tiller when I put grass seed down do I need just water or rake it in the seed in soil? Thanks

  7. Hi,
    If you rake the area, it will lightly cover the seed to help hold moisture on the seed. The main thing is the seed touching soil and keeping the area moist, but not soaked for 2 weeks. If the seed dries out, or if the seedlings dry out, they will die. A small amount of starter fertilizer will help the seedlings take root.

  8. DONT USE EZ SEED. 1) It's expensive. 2) there's actually very little seen in there. It's mostly filler. You can get much better results if you jut buy the seed and filler sepratly and it's MUCH cheaper

  9. Hi,
    Grass will germinate and establish itself as long as it touches soil. You can put down your seed and top it with a thin layer of top soil or seeding soil if you want, but it is not necessary. The key thing is touching soil, then misting it twice a day for at least 2 weeks.

  10. Anything special you would do to grow new grass right on the edge of a driveway…or go by these same rules.  Also…are you putting down black dirt?

  11. I'm having trouble getting my perennial ryegrass to sprout and grow. I water it every day. I put only a little bit of starter fertilizer in the soil before I seeded. Some of the seeds are on top of the soil and some are under. the seeds on top are doing nothing, but I keep them moist.  My questions> what do you mean by MIST and can I put more starter fertilizer on top without raking it in? Thanks

  12. Thanks for replying. I'm using Vigoro sun and shade lawn grsss seed mixture with exceptional perennial ryegrass with a replicating plant system from Home Depot. My sprouts are two tiny round leaves. I searched the internet for images of the sprouts and couldn't find any. I added a little more starter fertilizer. Some people say they germinate in two to four days. They are growing very slowly. I have good sun 50% of the day and I keep it moist.

  13. I've never seen grass sprout that isn't a vertical blade. These are not vertical blades but double leafed sprouts and some are slightly pointed. Do you know if that is the ryegrass? The bag states there are about 9 blends. Thanks for your help

  14. Thank you. It says it's a blend of about 8 grasses. Does that mean 8 different types of seed are in the bag or it is a genetic hybrid of 8 turned into one? I really appreciate your assistance

  15. Thank you for the help. I'll definitely have good grass this week I feel. I don't think I could've asked for better advice :] god bless

  16. With a heater and this controller you can more easily grow/start the grass growing process:

  17. What if the area I'm trying to seed gets next to no sun at all? That would affect how much I should water it right? so I don't drown out the seeds? What kind of seed would you recommend for that much shade? Also what happens if you put too much seed down? Sorry for all the questions I just want to get this right the first time.

  18. Hi, I've planted some grass earlier this week. The dry warm winter period ended last week and the brutally hot summer just started this week. Unfortunately it is looking like it is going to be a fairly dry summer as well, with no rain being forecast for the next few weeks. I've bought some translucent plastic sheets that I've laid over the newly planted grass to protect the seed from birds and from drying out. I've noticed that it creates a bit of a green house with droplets forming on the inside of the plastic almost immediately. Is this a bad idea, do I risk fungus killing the seeds?

  19. Hi, I seeded some spots on my grass that formed during winter. I have new grass growing but it is not even an inch tall. The problem is that my existing grass is almost five inches tall. I want to mow it but I might destroy the new grass. Any advice? Should I wait one more week? I am afraid the existing grass might grow to tall and might die. Not happening yet, but I do not want it to happen. PLEASE HELP.

  20. If you are going to make a video then you are going to need better and louder sound. The sound level is too low.

  21. Thank you for such an informative, concise video!! I thought it was much more complicated than this!! 🙂

  22. Have you considered making a new video? This is good information and it'll be great to see it with better video and audio quality. Also posting an aftershot of the grass when it does grow would definitely be something that viewers would want to see.

  23. I bought 2 bags of shrimp compost and some very good quality grass seeds. There is a brown area on my lawn about 2 feet by 2 feet which has burned out for reasons which I cannot figure out. Here is what I think I have to do:
    1) rake the 2' x 2' area so that all the dead grass is removed.
    2) apply about 1/2" of the shrimp compost on the area
    3) apply seeds on top of the compost as you explained in your video.
    4) Apply another thin layer (of the compost, 1/4")on top of the seeds to cover them.
    5) water every day for at least 5 days
    Do you think this will work? Thanks.

  24. if I have to park a car on grass for a permanent and lond period how long can I leave it there before I get dead grass under it?

  25. Over those Seeds needs to be a litter bit of "Topper"…if not every Bird in Town will be in your Lawn, eating your seed.

  26. I have planted Vigoro grass seed and it just does not seem to be taking hold very little growth. I have also used fertilizer and keep it watered. I thinking maybe the straw I put over the seed may not be doing any good.

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