How To Hang A Fracture Glass Print | Fracture

How To Hang A Fracture Glass Print | Fracture

hi I’m Scarlet today we’re gonna go
over how to hang your fracture on drywall fractures are designed to be ready to
hang right out of the box in just a few simple steps ready let’s go first we
need to remove the fracture from its secure packaging just take a pair of
scissors to cut through the tape on the cardboard package as well as the plastic
banding that holds your fracture in place once your fracture is free locates
a small groove in a black foam core packaging your fractures come with a
complimentary wall anchor specifically designed to go straight into your
drywall without any extra reinforcement needed the best part this wall anchor can
be used for any size fracture a screwdriver is the only tool you’ll need
if you feel comfortable using an electric screwdriver or drill these work
great too place your screwdriver where you would like the hole to go on your
wall then twist it back and forth to make a pre hole for your screw you then
place your screw and start twisting it into place then using your screwdriver
continue twisting the screw until the head of the screw is a few centimeters
from the wall to display your fracture just turn the fracture around to find
the keyhole cutout this is where the head of the wall anchor fits in for
large and extra large fractures the keyhole will include a metal
reinforcement be careful not to apply downward force on the fracture or it
will damage the foam core backing but no worries your fracture is safe and sound
with the wall anchor in place your walls are going to love this that’s it if you
have any questions or suggestions for our next how-to tutorials feel free to
contact us through support at fracture me dot com or find Fracture on your favorite
social media platforms see you next time

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  1. I think you mean a few millimeters, not a few centimeters. 3 (the least "a few" can be) centimeters is a little over an inch. 5 (still "a few") millimeters is about 1/5 of an inch.

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