How to Hang a Picture : Finding a Wall Stud to Hang a Picture

How to Hang a Picture : Finding a Wall Stud to Hang a Picture

Hi, I’m Bobby Hestor on behalf of Expert Village.
And in this series, we’re going to show you how to hang big pictures, small pictures,
and every size in between. We going to show you how to use hangers and we’re going to
show you how to quickly and easily hang a picture just like a professional. In this
clip, I’m going to show you how to use a stud finder. A lot of time you may be hanging a
picture that’s really heavy, or a big piece of iron artwork, or maybe even a really expensive
plasma television. And just hanging anchors into the sheetrock may not be good enough.
I’d hate for your big, expensive plasma television to fall off the wall. So we need to find a
stud. Your typical wall has studs on sixteen inch centers. So every sixteen inches, there’s
going to be a piece of two by four that’s running up and down. And if we have something
big we want to hang on the wall, we want to hit those studs with our nails. What we have
is, we have this stud finder and it detects through the wall where the stud is. So we’ll
hold the stud finder nice and firm against the wall, push the button, and start to move
it left or right. And immediately, I hit a stud right there. So, we’ll come back just
a little bit, to where it first starts to beep and we’ll put just a little line right
in middle. Continue to go, go all the way past it, and come back again in the other
direction and we put another line there. And that should give you and inch and a half.
So those are the two sides of your stud. And you put your nail right in the middle and
that will give you a nice firm anchor point that you don’t have to worry about things
falling off the wall.

5 thoughts on “How to Hang a Picture : Finding a Wall Stud to Hang a Picture

  1. You GOT to try the Magic Stud Finder products, if you want to hang anything on walls ,thats the tool you need.

  2. why would you make an instructional video on how to hang something using an extremely specific device? who the hell has a "stud finder" ??? why don't you give us some real instructions..

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