How To Hang a Picture in Drywall With Classic Hangers | DIY

How To Hang a Picture in Drywall With Classic Hangers | DIY

Welcome back to Albany County Fasteners – Fasteners 101. Today I’m going to show you how to hang a picture with these clips. But before we get started, please subscribe, like, and share my videos if you like my content. Hit the bell so we can notify you of
new content being uploaded. So let’s get started. So to complete this task you need a ruler, tape measure, and a marker or a pen. Something to mark out your location for your picture. I’m hanging this Anthony Bourdain picture in my house and on the back- You can hang from many different ways. In this situation I’m going to use a hook with a couple of nails or brads. Big brad nails. The thing that you have to look out for is the slack and the line that you can see here. Usually that slack could be somewhere between two and three inches. So what I mean by that is: If this is the height where you want this picture, which it is, you need to go up a little bit more. Basically to pick up the slack that the picture is going to drop on you once you hook it on. But first I want to find the center of this wall. I have 72 inches so 36 inches
will be the center of the wall for me. So I’m going to mark the center,
which is right about here. From center, I’m gonna go approximately…I’m gonna do
about an inch and a half higher. So I want my hanging hook to be right there. So I’m gonna grab a hammer. I use these classic hangers, which I like. I’ve used these for years. This is just a picture hanger and it takes two of those Brad nails. You can basically push those in
with your fingers, as long as there’s no stud. They have these black nails
with these brass knurled tops on them. You just need two nails. So one of these hooks can hold up to 50 pounds. Believe it. That’s pretty good, fifty pounds. This picture weighs about 15-20 pounds, maybe. So this should be sufficient. I may need the hammer, I may not, so let’s see what happens. So I’m going to place the hook here. So that spot is the height that I want. You see that’s dug into the drywall. These are made to hang right from the drywall. It’s straight. Now I’m just going to tap
them in nicely. Nice and easy. Just like that. That’s done. Hammer down. I’m going to grab my hook and use my finger or… you can just just watch and try to hook it. Make sure it’s on there so your picture doesn’t drop. Just move it until it is…perfect! You can stick a level on top if you want to make sure it’s level. But that’s how simple it is. Thanks for watching.

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  1. So, you never even held the picture up to determine where, aesthetically it needed to be! You centered it right to left, but not up and down.

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