How to Hang a Picture : Repairing Nail Holes on a Wall

How to Hang a Picture : Repairing Nail Holes on a Wall

My name is Craig Hale. I am an interior decorator
and I am helping Expert today to talk about ways to decorate your walls
and different types of objects it is decorated with and also how to even arrange them on
your wall.
So we have created a lot of holes in this wall today showing different examples of picture
arrangements so now we have got to cover these holes and fill these holes in and I think
one of the best things to do is get a plastic spoon. This particular type of pink putty
is really great because when you put it on, it goes on pink but when it is ready to accept
paint it will turn completely white. I like using a spoon because you can get a bigger
glob of it on there and really work it down into the hole. Be sure when you start that the surface that
you are working on has been sanded a little bit and even out puckers in the dry wall and
also make sure that it is clean and free of dust before you start applying this. Once
these have dried and turned white as this one has, go back over with fine-grained sandpaper
and even out the surface and then you are ready to paint.

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