How to Hang a Picture : Vertical Design Scheme for Wall Hangings

How to Hang a Picture : Vertical Design Scheme for Wall Hangings

My name is Craig Hale. I am an interior decorator
and I am helping Expert today to talk about ways to decorate your walls
and different types of objects it is decorated with and also how to even arrange them on
your wall. We have collected a group of three prints of Native American people. We have
found them on the Flea Market. We have paid $15 for all the three of them and we had them
framed in some very inexpensive metal frames. What we did to make them a little more interesting
than just doing all the same frames is we took red, blue and yellow and pulled them
out of the prints to make our frames. So how we are going to do this is we are going to
hang these in a vertical line and stack them one of top of each other. The easiest way
to do this is to take one of the prints and again, find your five foot center on your
wall, find the center of your print, place it, mark it with a pencil and then nail with
it in. These are really easy to hang because we have alligator clips on the back of it.
So all you have to do is just nail it in and hang it. You do not have to worry about a
wire or figuring out where the two holes need to be to hang something. So the next thing
to do is figure out how far down you want your next print to be. Again, I would like
a couple of inches between the two so it shows off some more of your wall and gives the prints
some breathing room. Check and make sure that it is level. Mark it with your pencil and
then nail it into the wall. So now you have created this really interesting vertical on
the narrow wall here. Instead of filling it completely with objects, you have created
your focal point right here and created a very strong dominant line.

3 thoughts on “How to Hang a Picture : Vertical Design Scheme for Wall Hangings

  1. Finding the right location on the wall for the nail or hook can be very challenging. Try Hang & Level, it marks exactly where the nail goes without complicated measuring. You'll get the job done in minutes and without making extra holes in your walls.

  2. Craig, the pictures are not evenly spaced. Recommend you check out The Picture Stick by Picture Hanging Pro. Vertical arrangements come out perfect everytime.

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