How To Hang Floating Shelves On A Stud Wall

How To Hang Floating Shelves On A Stud Wall

Hi I’m Craig Phillips, welcome to my trade tips. Today I’m going to show you how to fit a floating shelf to an internal plasterboard wall. This particular shelf comes in two pieces, it very cleverly has a bracket that ticks away inside and what you need to do is get this fitted perfectly level to the wall. Once you have decided on the position and the height you want the shelf to be in, you need to mark the centre of the bracket in the predrilled hole. Before you started drilling any holes in the wall you need to know exactly what’s behind the plasterboard. That’s why you are going to need a detector, this allows me to glide accross the wall and it will tell you if there are any wires, pipes or studwork behind the plasterboard. [beep] The area that I want to drill has no pipes or wires which is great, but if I move it further over….[ device beep] … it automoatically finds a wire or pipes behind there and tells you to avoid drilling in that area. Once I have drilled my first hole I can put the plug into it. When fixing to plasterboard make sure you are using the correct fixings. Then I can offer the bracket up for the first screw to bite. Once you have got your first screw fixed in position you can put your spirit level on and check that it is perfectly level before you mark it up and drill it for the next screws. Now you have got your bracket firmly fixed to the wall you can slide your shelf in to position. And finally you have got two small pre-drilled holes on the underside of the shelf. You put two small grommit screws in there, screw them in and that will stop the shelf sliding off. And that is your floating shelf complete. If you are planning any DIY tasks in the near future you may need a little bit of advice on tools or some top DIY tips. Visit and fire your questions away to me and I’m sure with over 20 years experience in building and DIY, I’ll be able to help you with the answers that you need to complete your own DIY tasks.

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  1. Wasn't expecting Craig from Big Brother but it makes sense knowing his background. Great video. Very helpful. This is actually the best video I've seen so far. Thanks!

  2. Very nice…, If you enjoy projects such as these I’d suggest you get Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible ASAP!

  3. OH! now i understand where the bracket is lol i was very confused how you actally put up these shelves because looking at it you just have the metal back bits that look as if you just rest the shelf on some screws but you jsut showed me it's inside lol how darn clever!. This is the first time ordering from Ikea, well… my dad ordering lol because you can't find shelves any where else any more it's SO difficult but Ikea have plenty in stock,
    i got 2 of the white high gloss Lack floating shelves for £11 each for under me mirror so i can clear the stuff off the top of my chest of draws and use it as a dressing table area, got some longer shelves for £6 each for a top shelf above my mirror and above my computer that just have the white plastic risers, it's gonna look purty once they are put up :), but i was thinking i was gonna have to mount them on 2 nails lol i knew that conclusion didn't make sense because it didn't sound secure lol phew… glad they have a bracket with them, the descriptions on the Ikea website aren't very clear and nether are the intructions, thanks for clearing things up for us.

  4. Really Appreciate you man….(Y)….Soon i am going to buy new house and will do some decorative ideas and floating shelves is one of them…Thnks for giving me idea how to fix it 🙂

  5. I have an IKEA small floating LACK shelf…I am trying to hang it on the wall but it's not staying. I'm seeing all these videos with brackets to put on the wall. I don't have one. Is there another way to hang my shelf?

  6. its supposed to be a floating shelf (so it looks like there are no brackets/screws holding it up) so last thing you want is to look up from yr sofa and see 2 chrome screws (especially against a black shelf). When fitting a high shelf flip it 180 degrees so the screws are hidden (these shelves are designed to be fitted either way)……………he should know better taking into account how long he has been doing this type of work/video

  7. Hi there, could you please tell me how much wait can this type of floating shelf with these wall fixings can hold on plaster wall?

  8. I have 2 of these floating shelves that I want to remove. How do I remove them? I tried to pull out but didn't budge! Thanks for any help.

  9. finally someone using the right hollow wall anchor for this shelf instead of them stupid little plastic plugs well done

  10. HONEST QUESTION: Should I find and drill into the actual stud? it doesn't seem it could a lot of weight without it. (disclaimer: I don't know anything about building things)

  11. Those plasterboard fixing are ok but if you want a shelf that can stand a lot of weight then better to use a GripIt fixing, british invention featured on dragons den

  12. Thank you! It helps me a lot!. I bought floating shelves from, it came with instructions but this video make it easier

  13. I need a man in my life. I cannot do this… BUT i can cook. so after he's done drilling everything i need, i'll feed him.

  14. Floating shelves are not fit purpose on any wall… the rods that slide into the rear of the shelf is smaller in diameter compared to the bored out holes in the rear of the shelf itself, therefore when you screw the x2 screws from underneath they pull the shelf downwards and over time when the weight you put on the shelf will sag over time and will eventually make the wall plugs pull out ever so slightly causing cracks in the walls etc

  15. You are so hot! Can you come help us? Are you related to the crocodile hunter? Steve ir win <3

  16. Thank you so much for the video. could you please give links of the product you use in the video: the detector, the little T screwer you use at the end etc.

  17. Great video. Sir a quick question. Why do we use wall plug? Can't we just put screw directly into the wall? When I drill to the wall, the whole gets bigger than required and wall plug gets loosen. On the other hand, when I put screw direct into the wall, it remains tight and I can hang my wall clocks etc on that screw. Kindly advise the difference? Thank you in advance

  18. 1. A 10-lb capacity shelf will be used for 20 lb worth of stuff, and 2. it will sag, then 3. you'll need to pull the anchors out and re-plaster the wall and 4. mount another shelf to studs.

  19. I imagine weight might be an issue. Is going thru drywall alone enough to sustain that shelf if you loaded it with books?

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