How to hang prints (Top 5 tips) | CharliMarieTV

How to hang prints (Top 5 tips) | CharliMarieTV

In today’s video I’m going to give you my
top 5 tips for creating a print wall. I love buying prints, especially typographic ones,
go figure, and I think hanging them together on wall is an easy way to add some colour
and personality to your room. Tip number one is to gather prints in a mix
of different colours and sizes. I’ve left some links in the description box for places
I’ve gotten prints from over the years in case you’re curious. Try to have a range
of small medium and large prints because that will help you out with your composition, and
you don’t want to have too many in a similar colour (unless that is a certain theme or
look you’re going for) because that will make your wall more interesting, so lay them all
out and survey what you have. I decided I had too many white prints so took a few out
and I’ll use them in other places in my room. This wall right here is the one I’m going
to hang my prints on, so tip number two is to measure the wall first and test your layout.
You can measure out a space on your floor or your bed in the same size as the wall so
you can easily play around with the arrangement of your prints before you start hanging. This
popcorn is marking the spot where my light switch is so I remember to leave space for
it. Tip number three when laying out your prints
is to scatter your large prints across the space first, and then fill in the gaps with
the medium and small prints. this way you won’t have all your big prints grouped together
and it’s gonna look a lot more pleasing to the eye. Make sure you try arrange the prints
so similar colours aren’t bunched together too. In this space here for example if I added
this print it would mean too many white prints in the same area, so instead I’ll put in
this darker one. When it comes to what hanging method you use,
try to think outside the box. Frames are expensive so instead I like to use clear Command hooks
which come off the wall cleanly and are fairly subtle, and these foldback clips. Try make
sure the clip goes in the middle of your print either by measuring, or just by eyeballing
it if you’re good at that sort of thing. When your prints are all laid out and you’re
ready to hang them on the wall, my last tip is to take your time. Don’t rush it. Hold
the print in place then peel off the backing to the hook and stick it down. And don’t be
afraid to ask a friend for help if you have trouble doing that. It can be hard to hold
it up and also stick the hook down at the same time. Try to make sure your prints are
evenly spaced and don’t worry if you end up deviating from the layout you did on the
floor, just use it as a guide. You also want to make sure your prints are hanging as straight
as possible, but the best part of this hanging method is that if you mess up, you can just
adjust the clip on the print to get it straight rather than having to remove the hook and
start that again. To stop the ends of my prints curling up or blowing around in the wind I
used a tiny bit of blue tack in each corner. So there’s my finished print wall. I love
the mix of colours and design styles of the prints and I think they look really cool and
maybe a little bit industrial hanging with the clips like that. If you’re like me and
love having art on your walls this is a really inexpensive and easy way to hang prints and
brighten up your space. Hope you find these tips useful and that maybe it will inspire
you to hang some art on your walls. please give the video a thumbs up if you did enjoy
it and make sure you subscribe to see more designy videos and vlogs from me, and I’ll
see you next time. bye!

35 thoughts on “How to hang prints (Top 5 tips) | CharliMarieTV

  1. So cool!! I tend to just have canvas prints on my walls, but I love the idea of using the hooks and clips to hold up prints! Might have to try this one day ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. They look so cool hanging on your wall! Unfortunately all my walls are covered in photos already but when I decide to start again I'll definitely grab some of those command hooks!

  3. I very much need to do this. I have so many prints and posters! Though my spouse is super picky about frames and hanging techniques, so I may have to just splurge on a few nice frames an rotate with prints I can display… Maybe I can claim just one wall for this?

  4. Just what I was looking for!! I have a bunch of posters that I want to hang on the wall but never found a way that was easy to do it.
    thanks for the tips! it looks really cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi! This question is out of the topic of this video but I believe you can help. What do you use to remove textile paint from your silkscreen? I used a rubberized water-based textile paint. I have tried using paint thinner, bleach, and hot water but it didn't work. The paint is now dried and I'm sure if I can still use it. I don't want to rip off the silkscreen as much as I could.

  6. I've been thinking for a while what to do with a plain wall I have in my living room and you just gave me the best idea. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don't want to put any wholes in it and don't want to spend much money on frames and stuff so this would come so cheaper and handy. Thank, Charli! <3

  7. I'd never thought of hanging prints like this, but it looks so much more chic than using blu-tac! Thanks for the tips ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. That's super cute! I've gotten a bit of a print addiction myself but tend to buy frames for most of them. Mostly from IKEA but I do have some cheaper one from Kmart as well. For smaller prints I find just blu-tak does the job, depending on the paper quality though.

  9. I love this it's so cute! I really want to buy prints someday soon! And also….you're absolutely great for being a fellow fall out boy fan! "Long live the car crash hearts" <333

  10. very good idea instead of nails that destroy walls .. but i wont find the sticky hangers u used, so if i used double sided tape will work with plastic wall paint??

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