How To Install a Bathroom Faucet

How To Install a Bathroom Faucet

We’re re-doing our bathroom. And to go with
our brand new vanity and sink we installed this cool new faucet, and I’m going to show
you just how easy this installation is. Now we redid a lot of things in this bathroom. Everything right down to the walls and floor
is new. But before we did any of that we removed the
old sink and faucet. Here’s how it’s done: Start by turning off the water supply. Most
of the time you’ll find the valves under the sink. Once they’re off, open the faucet to
drain any water left in the pipes. Next, disconnect the supply lines from the
old faucet. Then disconnect the lift rod. Remove the nuts from underneath and take out
the old faucet. Since most new faucets come with a matching
drain plug you’ll want to remove the old one. Be sure to have something handy to catch the
water, and remove the P-trap. Disconnect the drain from the sink. If you’re keeping your old sink, clean around
the old drain and faucet holes. Now, if you’re installing a new sink and vanity
like we did, it’s much easier to mount the faucet before you put the sink in place. Speaking of sinks, you’ll either have one,
two, or three holes, and it’ll either be centerset or widespread. You want to be sure to buy a faucet that you’re
your sink, and that you follow the manufacturer’s directions. Our faucet is centerset. Put the gasket on
first, then insert the faucet through the mounting holes and tighten the nuts. Handles are next. Follow the instructions
to install them. The new drain goes in next. Take the drain
body and screw the nut all the way down, and position the gasket over it. Next apply a little bit of silicone under
the flange. Hold the drain body in place—with the pivot facing the back—and screw the
flange on. Then tighten the nut and gasket, and clean up any excess silicone with mineral
spirits. To install the drain rod, unscrew the pivot
nut, insert the horizontal rod through the hole in the stopper, and tighten the nut. Slide on the strap and clip, then insert the
lift rod through the faucet into the strap. Push the horizontal rod down, and secure the
lift rod to the strap with the screw. Before we set the sink in place, I like to
connect the supply lines to the faucet shanks, then install the sink and connect the supply
lines to the water valves. It’s a good idea to flush the new faucet and
check for leaks before you’re done. Just remove the aerator, and then run hot and cold water
for one minute. Check all the connections and retighten if needed. Replace the aerator
and that’s it. See. Installing a new faucet doesn’t take
much time. Our next project for is installing a new mirrored medicine cabinet and lights.
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32 thoughts on “How To Install a Bathroom Faucet

  1. Lowe's Home Improvement:  This is an excellent and very helpful video on how to properly install a Bathroom sink faucet.  All the steps are shown and explained in a proper order. I will play this video at my family owned rural Buriram Thailand builders merchants store plumbing department. I look forward to my next shopping trip to Lowe's in the United States.  Please keep posting these excellent instructional videos.  

  2. Does Lowes provide help to install better quality faucets. The sinks are fine. It has 3 places to install these Faucets

  3. Put some plumber's putty under the faucet gasket as an extra measure of protection to seal it and ensure no water gets down through the holes and into the vanity area underneath?

  4. i now have the confidence to replace our 2 bathroom faucets at home. my dad will finally be proud of me because i will save him 225 dollars.

  5. Quick question: I replaced my bathroom faucet and now I see a black inkish spot left of my hot water faucet over time after regular useage.

    Any idea why that is?

  6. Film doesn't correspond to the picture. Shown process for bathroom faucet and partly for bathtub. Please make a film on the bathtub faucet without parts about bathroom sink faucet, to avoid confusions present in the current film.

  7. I think that outlet is in the wrong spot for practicality. you can't have 1 person brush their teeth, while the other one blowdries their hair – the cord would tangle with the cold water tap.. Same thing for charging up your toothbrush. From this angle it looks like the cold water tap would hit the outlet, but it must just be the camera angle?

  8. I bet 9 out of 10 ppl who try this themselves will make at least 3 trips back to the store they bought it from. (and it will still drip somewhere for 5 of the 10. If your time is worth money, just hire a reasonable plumber.

  9. i have no shut off valves under my sink or on the pipes leading to the bathroom. so shut off the water to the house and bleed the line?

  10. Great little video, my new faucet instructions said and pictured nothing about plumbers putty so I was really bewildered about that until watching this video,,,,NOW I KNOW 👍🤓😊

  11. Follow the INSTRUCTIONS, not Directions. Directions tell you where to go. Instructions tell you what to do.

  12. Sure, its dangerous to have an outlet inches from the faucet. But, WHY have the outlet inches from the faucet? 12V soap dispenser?

  13. In St louis County this would be illegal because you need to have a licensed plumber obtain a permit and have it inspectected to conform to code. Not kidding

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