How to Install a Glass Splashback | Mitre 10 Easy As

How to Install a Glass Splashback | Mitre 10 Easy As

A pre-cut glass
splashback is an easy way to improve the look
of your kitchen. They come in a variety
of colors and sizes. And they’ll help
protect your walls. I’ll show you how to install
one yourself in no time at all. Now I’ve already given this
wall a real good cleaning with some sugar soap, so
I’m ready to measure up. My splashback is 900 millimeters
wide, so half of that is 450. Now I’m just going
to measure my hob and put a center mark on that. So, 580. Half of that is 290. So we want to square that
mark back to the wall. So let’s just put a mark
on the wall, 450 and 900. Cool. Now we’ve got our left and
right edges of our splashback. Now, my bench top
is going to support the weight of our splashback. But if you were in a
different situation, were you had, like,
a freestanding oven, you’d need to screw a
support to the wall, to take the weight
off that splashback. Now, I’m just going to apply
some masking tape, about 2 millimeters away from the wall. That’s going to
ensure that I’m not going to spill any silicon
over our nice bench top. Now, we’re going to
use silicon to attach our splashback to the wall. Now, this is really
important, that you get the right type of silicon. You want to be using a
translucent, neutral cure. Great. Now, what this is doing is
actually sealing the bench from the wall. Next we’re going
to put the silicon on the back of our splashback. Now, just before we rip
into to putting our silicon on the back of our
splashback, just throw a towel or some
cardboard underneath. We don’t want to scratch
the surface of that. And a few things you should
know about your silicon. You want to come in about 50
millimeters from each edge. And we want to have about
a 30-mil diameter, round about an inch, and about
every 50 millimeters. We’re making circles
with the silicon, so that, when I push the
splashback against the wall, this will create
suction that holds it in place until it dries. So now just take your
splashback and gently lower it onto your silicon
that’s against the wall. And gently push that up. Make sure you’re on
your pencil marks. And push that on the wall. Give it a good old push. After a few minutes,
just recheck that you are on your pencil marks. OK, now that’s it. Now you just want to leave it
there for at least 24 hours before you touch it at all. As you can see,
our new splashback has freshened up the kitchen. And it was incredibly
easy to do.

20 thoughts on “How to Install a Glass Splashback | Mitre 10 Easy As

  1. dose anyone know what kinda glow should i use i been having problems with on big piece and i cant get it to stick

  2. Fu M10 treat u customers like shit, Bunnings will open in Westgate soon I hope they crush M10. Bunning is twice the shop and I can find better stuff at a 2$shop

  3. You are better to get a glazier to measure it to fit the space and to be fitted correctly I have I have measured processed the glass painted and fitted these for the last 11 years we use double side tape to stick to the wall and silicone the edges. Don't matter what silicone you use it will eat away at the paint over time.

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