yes is this a recording? Hello my friends
here is Bahiano, in this video we’re gonna show you, how to install a shower faucet
using pex pipe, in few easy steps, on the end of this video you guys gonna see how easy it is, let’s work, I just pick this up on Home Depot, Glacier Bay good stuff and not very expensive, but it does the job. Let’s see, it comes here this is the whole set. We have all the covers, but today you just gonna install the body (valve) of this faucet once you look here it indicate, that this side up the other side down. This is the body of
shower faucet. We gonna install it right there. In this case we’re just doing the the shower we don’t need this part, because this part is for the tub sprout, so we’re gonna just plug it. It came with this plug, what I do, put the Teflon tape, I still gonna use a little bit of this pipe compound (liquid Teflon). Just to make sure that we will be no
leaking. Other thing that I do this one first that ways I’d not mistake with
side is up, because this one we already know this side is down, up is the one
who go for the shower head, for the four sides we just do all the same way.This is the
tape and this is the compound. Yes this will help to seal the water, this is very
much the same stuff, except this one is kind of liquid. Okay let’s tighten this
stuff up. Next step we’re gonna stall an adapter. Like you can see this is a pex adapter and
on this side we have a screw in there. I just put some pipe compound in there, just make sure that is real tight. Yes, we just put it on three sides, because this side we don’t need it, because this one it would be for the bathtub. I finished tighten the adapters and now
we’re gonna just set them up with elbows pex pipe and you’re gonna keep it
about this size like. I could cut or could use this to cutter to cut it, but if you don’t have a pipe cutter, you can just use a utility knife to cut it, just because not to cut your hand. Now I gonna use this pressure ring, you have to buy them separated, usually they don’t come as a set I have this clumping here, this is a
half inch and 3/4, yes you just open like that, it need to grab and tighten the ring, so you just move it a bit back. I’m just gonna squeeze and pressure. I am gonna do the other side. Here we go, all good and tight. Just push it pressure it, done solid. I just gonna set it up with few screws. This is the finishing part it come with a
two holes for two screws, but here on the body, we have four holes, but we just need two of them, two of them we gonna use to secure it to the wall, it goes like
that so, hot and cold, so we just set up like that so we need this two holes this
one and the other one, so we can use this other two to secure it to the wall. Because I need the space for the clamp, so I’m not gonna tighten all the way down. yes, we just using wood screws. Okay, know what I am gonna do here, I gonna use pex elbows, one of this little guys, I am just gonna use this for this,
I’m gonna put a ring, don’t forget to put your ring, I’m gonna put elbow in
there and then I’m just gonna put another ring on the cold water pipe, I’m
just gonna put the other ring on the other pipe, there we go in the other side
for the hot water, we will do the same. then we put the elbow. This pipe is a bit longer than what we need, I gonna cut it. You just make sure or usually the hot
water would go on the left and the cold water would go on the right. So this one
I just gonna cut it right there, you can see, this one easier to use than the knife, just cut it and then I put a ring, it just the position. We just leave enough gap, leave it a bit lose that way you can clamp it to the wall, for this part here we are good to go. Once you have it there it’s of cake, just set it up the pipes and the rings put it in, go to
the other side do the same way press it. There we go, this one here is the for
shower head, we’re just gonna put it there now, this piece usually don’t come in the in the box. We just get to buy them separated. Usually I pick them up on the supplier, they have a good price there, let set this guy up. Shower head, I like the shower head to be a little bit high not too low. Just gonna measure the size that I want. like I like it to be a little bit higher,
because sometimes some tall people come to have a shower, I would say about that would be good, once we do the floor it would be a good height. This height is plenty of height for
anybody to have a shower. Yes I just use my finger to measure it,
just measure about there, again I just use this one easier to cut, don’t forget the ring, I just gonna clean this up a little bit. This shower gonna be 40″x60″, so I’m just gonna measure it and then we gonna have the shower door I’m just gonna centralize it, 19″ inches once we install the door it gonna take a little bit space from the inside a shower. So let’s tighten this one up, last piece rough in shower faucet is on place. Now that we have few screws to do. Nice and tight is not going to move, we
have that on place, I’m just gonna make sure this is gonna stay put.
We’re just going to use this half-inch clamps. Half-inch clamps to secure it on place.
Make sure you have it in there, make sure you guys use a lot of this, because, if it is not tight enough it will vibrate and make noise, when the water is open, all right yes make sure you use a lot of this guys in here, other wise, when the water is moving
it will make noise inside the wall after the wall is finished. Just to make sure that is not gonna happen, come to this side. Like you guys can see it is holding good nice and tight. This is important when you set it up, the
finished part should be flat with this one, but some of them might be different,
so in this case it just needs to be flat in there, this is just to protect it, and when you’re doing the drywall just cut around it, that way you have
access in the future, if you need to adjust the valve or change it, you will
have access to it, this is how it would look when it is finished. All that we need for the finishing, is on the Box we have couple longer screws this one we don’t need it,
we have the shower head that we might install a better shower head, this is not plastic, it is stain less steel, we have the handles. Okay, I’m just gonna put this guy back
that way it protects while we doing other work, other jobs this will be protect.
This came with some screws to hold it. Once we are ready to do the tiles we just remove it. In this case here I just use red pipe for the
hot water and white pipe for the cold water, but it doesn’t matter, if you use white for all. You just have to mark them, I just happen to have some of this red pipe here and some other time I like to use just to have
coluor-coded. This one here is ready to be boarded, put the drywall and is good
to go. Yes, so we’re just gonna leave this one like this, we still have to do few more of those. we’re just gonna leave it and then we will test everything on the
end. Okay let’s keep working, we have a lot of work to doing here buddy.
Subscribe for the channel and you see how this place will look when we done. Thank you. Now we are going to show you all the tools that we use to install
this shower faucet and will be on the link below. I just gonna go quickly through
it so. The materials that you see we have on link below. Alright I’m just gonna show you, this come in but all was not included, so we have to pick up half-inch pex elbows,
we use two, in there and this is the shower head for half inch pex else we pick up separated and we use three of this adapter, three
of this adapter, these are the females adapters for the faucet, some of them are a little bit different, we need three in this case, because we don’t have the
tub sprout, if we have a bathtub you will need four of these, in this case we
don’t have it, but before you buy make sure you’re gonna check, if this is the
right one, because this is a female, some of the faucet they come different and you need to buy males ones, that thread is inside all right. I can show you the the difference, let me see, if have a male one in here. A male and a female adapter. Before you buy them, just check to see what type of faucet Or which one would fit on your faucet. Like you can see this would go just a male and a female on the end is all the same, next thing that you need are those adapters, but once you buy it, just check your faucet, because some of them they use male and some use female adapter. To find out which one you need to use you have to open the faucet box and check it, and see which one you need. So if you see something that you have if
you have the male in here on the faucet you need to buy the female adapters, this is the one that we are using here. If you have the end that looks like this,
you would need to buy male adapters. Look on your faucet, if it has the end
like that you buy this one the same process just screw it on. Yes, they don’t come together, you need to go and buy them separate, at least here in our area. Half inch a clamps, in
this case and then we have this another pressure clamp ring pressure ring for
pex pipe, we use 8 of them. we use a drill, knife, measuring tape, wrench, I like this wrench, it is very good, we use a utility knife, clamp for installing
the ring, we use the pipe cutter we use this Dewalt drill old timer, but work
very good so far, we use some wood screws, we use the I screw diver, so the job was done with few easy tools, yes we use this pliers, good one, I like this guy. Let’s work we use some Teflon tape use some compound, we didn’t really need to
do it, I just wants to be on the safe side, because I don’t want to come back I
want the job done in one shot, I just use this for the extra

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