– Hello, and welcome to today’s video. We are gonna have a look today
at siliconing down a toilet. Now, it’s already been fixed down. We’ve already put it in and
we’ve tested everything. And usually, siliconing down
a toilet is the last bit. So, what I’m gonna do is
just do it in front of you and you can take away your own ways and methods from this video. A lot of people use a finger with um, a little bit of fairy liquid
and water or just water. I tend to use a former. I find this a lot easier, a lot cleaner. But it does use up a vast
amount of toilet bowl. So, make sure you’ve got
plenty of that about. So, I kind of want to just
do it, let’s have a go. Firstly, cut our nozzle to a
decent size, at least 6 mil. And then, run a decent bead, not too much though,
strait along and under the side of the toilet. Just like that. This is now the time
to select what type of edge you’re going to leave. We’ve got different size off-sets here. Today, I’m just gonna do a cut, which means I’m gonna
use a right angled side. Let’s have a go at that
and see how it looks. If you have any bits left
then you need to clean it up. Just work your way around the toilet, clearing up as you go. And you should end up with a
nice, neat seal just like that. To be honest, it’s very
difficult to tell you strait away and have you get great results
instantly from a video. Siliconing takes practise and you do need to be patient, as well. But it is the best way
to finish off a bathroom and it usually looks really good. If you need anymore help,
or anymore information, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. And as ever, subscribe
and favour to our videos and also go to Twitter and Facebook and give us loads of love there. I hope you enjoyed today’s video and it helped you out and gave you a bit of an insight to how to do
siliconing and make it look nice. And if you need any more
help, just let us know. Hold tight all my rude boys and girls. Laters. Honest reviews and advice.

42 thoughts on “HOW TO INSTALL A TOILET – SILICONE SEALANT – Plumbing Tips

  1. The best plumbing related videos by a country mile ! Far superior to all the American garbage 🙂

    Your Videos have helped me out on a good few occasions over the past few weeks refitting my bathroom.

    Love the little bits at the end of each video

    Rude Boy 🙂

  2. i think these plumbing clips can really helpful some plumbing apprentice so i am on of them,, and i'd like to thank you for uploading these plumbing clips for us.

  3. Can I just do that instead of screwing the toilet to the floor?
    Regular silicon would do the trick?

    Help please

  4. hello good vid. any tips on how to apply silicone to brick round door frames. last time I just applied straight out the tube no messing. but have seen a lot neater jobs.

  5. Jon Mayes – if you're a genuine Painter & Decorator you'd already know how to remove a radiator quickly. It's basic work taught.

  6. What did he call the pink little piece of plastic he cleaned up the caulk with?  I'm not a native speaker.  Could hardly understand him though the accent is cute! : )

  7. Hi.
    I've had to move my toilet to tile the floor but I don't want to bolt it down as I'm getting a new toilet & that will be in a slightly different place as it's a different shape/size, you think it will be ok just to use sealant? Thanks.

  8. Thank you so so so much for a straight to the point video without all that talking. Good gwad I watch some videos and I'm like get to it already. This was perfect thanks!!

  9. Should any silicone go on the underside of the dunny, between it and the tiles? or is just around the rim like in your vid more than enough?

  10. Thanks for the video do you mind I ask which type of silicone sealant you used, if you could mention the name so I can buy it myself please.

  11. Actually, when installing a toilet, you should use a wax ring (at least that´s what we call them in my country), as using too much silicone will make a pain to remove the toilet if it breaks. Also, when using silicone on the outside of the toilet, you are not sealing the internal discharge of the toilet and this could cause water to accumulate between the toilet and the floor permanently.

  12. Thank you for the video – a couple of questions PLEASE:- is silicone all what we need to install the toilet? – and what if the tiles are levelled ? – Thank you

  13. Links to the tools I use everyday here:

    Plus, follow my Vlog “TimesWithJames”:

  14. Never use silicone on the bottom, use plaster of Paris. Silicon shrinks when drying and creates gaps.

  15. Good video. It would be helpful if you could add an explanation as to why you silicone the base of the pan.

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