How to Install a Wall-Mounted Light Fixture

How to Install a Wall-Mounted Light Fixture introduces the “Do it Yourself”
Home Series. How to install a wall-mounted light fixture: Cut the power at the main circuit breaker
to reduce the risk of electrical shock. For this project you will need the following
tools: Wire cutter/stripper, Phillips screwdriver, and wire nuts. Mount the vanity bracket to the junction box. Make sure the junction box is rated for the
weight of the vanity. Strip the wires and connect them using the
wire nuts: Positive to positive, negative to negative, and ground to ground. Consult the wiring diagram that came with
your fixture to confirm polarity and ground. Now that your vanity bracket is securely mounted
and wired, push the wires into the junction box and install the vanity. After securely mounting your vanity, attach
any fabric or glass shades to the fixture. By doing this after installing the fixture,
you reduce the risk of damaging the shades. Now, install light bulbs that are rated for
the wattage and voltage of the vanity. In this case we are installing vintage Edison-style
light bulbs from! Now head back to the circuit breaker and flip
the power back on. Finally, use the wall switch to turn your
lights on, and enjoy your new vanity. For all your light bulbs, fixtures, and accessories,

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