How To Install Architraves – DIY At Bunnings

I’m going to show you how to install architraves.
The tools we require for the job is a nail gun, a mortar box, a saw for the mortar box,
hammer, square, PVA glue, tape measure, safety equipment, architraves, step ladder and spirit
level. First thing we need to do is measure and cut the bottom architrave. We’ve got to
measure between the reveals and then we’re going to add 5 millimeters. Reason is we want
the architrave to be on the outside of the reveal. I’m going to measure now the inside
of the reveal. I’m now going to add 5 millimeters, transfer the measurement onto the architrave
and cut the architrave ends on 45 degrees. The next step is to cut a 45-degree angle
on the end of one board. To do this I’ll need a mortar box and a small hand saw. The mortar
box that you get will have a 45 groove already indented onto the mortar box. You can use
this to cut your 45 for one end. Now I’m going to measure the architrave from
the inside point, measured to an inside point and cut on the 45 degree mortar. Now I’ve
measured the length of internal measurement and added on 5 mil. It’s now time to cut an
opposite 45 degree angle on the other side of the architrave. I’ve cut a small piece
of timber and I’m going to use my teammate Bo and he’s going to help me align the bottom
architrave by using the small piece of timber so he doesn’t have to carry a huge piece.
So now we’re about to attach our bottom architrave. What we’re trying to do is keep that 2.5 mil
step from the reveal down to the architrave and try to maintain that through the rest
of the architraves around the window. Now we have fixed one end, it’s time to fix
the other end. Go and remove this dummy plate now because I know exactly my positioning
of where I need to nail. Thanks Bo. Now that I’ve nailed the architrave on both ends I
can now come to the middle of the architrave and nail it so it is still even with the reveal.
Now I’ve fitted the bottom architrave. It’s now time to cut for the top one. We know that
the window is square and level, so the top architrave is exactly the same cut as the
bottom architrave. Just remember it’s a mirror image of the bottom architrave to the top.
I’ve got Bo here holding the small piece of timber with the mortar on it on that end and
I’m about to nail this end off at the right height. Now I can move to Bo’s end and finish
off that corner. Now that we’ve fixed our top and bottom architrave
it’s now time to put the sides on. So what we do is we measure down from the long point
to the long point and we cut it to that size. So remember, it is important to measure both
sides on the architraves because they could be slightly out. Now that I made sure that
the architrave will fit, before we nail it, I’m going to put some PVA glue on the corners.
This PVA glue will hold the corners in place for themselves. Now we’ve got the glue on
the corners and it’s time to use our safety gear and nail it away. So now we’ve finished
that side. It’s now the identical process on the other side. And it’s as easy as that. Any DIYer can do
it. That’s how you install an architrave.

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