How To Install Curtain Rods & Hang Curtains | DIY Home Improvement

Today I’m gonna show you how to hang
curtains. So I have couple of curtain rods I have to hang. Let’s get started. This is the way that I hang curtains. Everybody has a different method, I’m
sure. This is just the way I do it. I use blue tape so I don’t put marks on the wall. This will be a curtain that we put from top to bottom. This is so I don’t put pencil marks on the wall. I use the width of this level to be my line for where my hanger will go. That’s my line. So from the jam or the molding or casing, to the outside. This would be the casing to the outside and this would be my line. That gives the perfect dimension for the curtain rod to be over the other side of the window so you don’t get light in. You’ll see what I’m talking about. So the way to deal with the tape so I don’t have to go peeling with my nails… The proper way is to fold this over so you can just grab it afterwards. So the screw got the wood. I’m going to take it back out and then I’m going to take the tape off and mark the bottom hole. I’m going to mark my bottom hole; line it up with my top hole…make sure that I’m vertically aligned. Then I’m gonna put a mark there. Let’s see if we have any wood there. My guess is no. Let’s see… Nope. Nothing there.
So I’m gonna drive in a drywall anchor. You don’t want to drive this fast and you don’t want to overdrive these wall anchors. Because once you overdrive it, it just strips out and that’s the end. That’s when you have a big problem at that point. I’m done putting the top screw in; it’s almost in. Now I’m going to put in the bottom screw before I tighten them up. There we go. I’ll have to put some paint up there or some caulk. Fix that spot. Damage can happen when you’re doing this part. It’s part of the project. Try not to. The proper way of these curtains with these loops and eyes: first on, starting at this end. I might have to take this knob off to get it up there. We’ll see what happens. Fold in and fold out. So this would take two panels, this window. Again, folding this side in so the finish is out. You don’t want to do this because then you’re gonna see an unfinished area. Which you don’t want to see because it will look uneven. I have those, I’m gonna slide this on. Let’s see if we can get it up there. I might have to take the ends off. But let’s see what happens. So yeah…I’m gonna take the ends off. They just unscrew. And then we’ll screw them back on afterwards. I’m gonna take the other end off. This has an inserted nut that’s been made into an intrical part of the finish of this. Okay. I’m going to slide this in and then there’s a locking screw on the back here that I’m going to tighten up. So when you pull the curtain, it doesn’t slide over. Those locking screws are important. So you can see when finished, it fits perfectly right over the edge of the window casing. This way you have what they call “Blackout.” So you won’t get any light in. That’s really what you’re looking for. When you’re all done. So you don’t need many tools. You need a ladder. You may need a drill bit. You need an impact screw gun and screws. You can pick up these drywall anchors which work perfect for these types of applications. If you have any questions, ask me below. I’ll give you some answers. Subscribe to my channel. Share my videos if you like what you see and hit the bell so we can send you new content. Thanks for watching.

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