How to Install Landscaping Lighting

How to Install Landscaping Lighting

Landscape lighting can add a high-end look
to your home, and makes it safer too. There are many types of lights and fixtures to choose
from: like path lights, spotlights which highlight specific features, and floodlights which illuminate
a wide area. There are two ways to power your outdoor lighting.
Solar-powered lighting is easy to install and has no wiring. Or, the type we are installing
today is low-voltage lighting, which simply plugs into any outdoor GCFI outlet. We are
using lighting kits that come with all the necessary components, but if you are building
your own or adding to an existing kit, remember to choose a finish that matches your home
and the other lights. At night, use a flashlight with the ability
to switch between spot and flood mode to see how different lighting styles look in different
areas. At this house, we will be installing path
lighting and spotlights in the front yard which highlight the landscaping and the front
of the house. Once you have your plans you can lay out your
lights. Start at the outlet and place the power pack nearby, but don’t plug it in until
the lights are all assembled. The power pack can be attached to a post or to the house
itself. Lay out the main cable, leaving 10 feet before attaching any lights. Then simply
screw in the cable connectors wherever you want to add a light.
To hide the power cable, use a small trowel to dig a trench, and add a perpendicular trench
at each light position for the extra cabling. Push the cables down into the trench, and
gently push the light stakes partially into the ground.
Attach the cabling to the power pack, and then it’s time to test the lights by plugging
that power pack in. If you like the way it looks, you can finish it up by pushing the
stakes all the way in and closing the cable trenches.
The last step is to set your timer to turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn, and
you’re done. By following these easy steps, your yard’s pleasant glow is sure to catch
the eye of everyone in the neighborhood! Make sure to subscribe to Lowe’s for more
inspirational ideas and easy How-Tos.

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