How To Install RV Air Conditioner * Upgrading Our Roof Top AC Unit with a Furrion Chill

How To Install RV Air Conditioner * Upgrading Our Roof Top AC Unit with a Furrion Chill

welcome to the channel I’m not lost I’m RVing, my name is Thomas and today we’re replacing our air conditioner so
let’s jump right into it I’m gonna be removing the old air conditioner while
Stacy is showing you the new one and all RV air conditioners are pretty
similar they’re pretty simple to install and you really only need some hand tools
there also when you look into you know like prices for components buying a new
air conditioner is not much more than buying like a new compressor so a lot of
people just opt to change their whole air conditioner out when they have
problems with their air conditioner so we’re gonna go ahead and take this one
out let me show you how easy it is as you see are you have the cover off I did
that cuz we painted the ceiling and that was just four screws that took the cover
off yours might be slightly different but again it should be pretty simple
once this cover is off you can see the main components of the a/c itself and
the a/c is actually just two parts it’s an interior part here and an exterior
part which is the part on the roof no part of the roof is all really one giant
component so to take it apart there’s four bolts here one two three four the
kind of like flange bolts because basically they hold the inside of the
ceiling and they pull the air conditioner from the outside down so it
kind of clamps it on there and clamps that seal so right up here just past my
hands is the actual roof top unit so as you can see the bolt just goes right up
to the rooftop unit and pulls it down and the seal is right here so it’s very
very simple it’s just those four bolts a couple screws to take your shroud off
and then of course you’re gonna have a 120-volt wire which is gonna have three
wires in 120-volt that were in one take care of so before I do this
we’re not hooked up to shore power but since we have an inverter installed I’m
gonna go ahead and flip our breaker off take these bolts out and get this thing
out of here and another thing I have to do that’s different is this one is hand
controlled we will be putting a thermostat on the new one but I’ll show
you that when we get to it now it is a cold windy day here in Florida so the
breeze is hitting these trees pretty hard I do apologize for any noise
interference ahead of time but I want to go ahead and show you some of the
components we got if you’re new to the channel we have been remodeling this
2005 Lazydays right here behind me we wanted to upgrade our air conditioner
because it is a 2005 so it’s 15 years old and when we hit the road again we
don’t want to have any issues come up we also don’t like the look of the
old-style air conditioner and I’ll show you what
I’m talking about this is the cover of our old air conditioner it’s dingy it’s
outdated yes we could spray-paint this but we’re looking for a new sleek look
to match the interior design that we’re going with in fury on actually offered
that for us this is what our new air distribution box is going to look like
from Furrion we absolutely love their sleek design now you can get this with
the manual turn knobs we chose to go the thermostat route so we’ll actually have
a thermostat on the wall and these are sold separately from the actual rooftop
component here the reason why they do that is because everybody has different
needs so you might have a ducted system or you might have a non ducted system
and if you go to Furion’s website you can actually choose the components that
will work best for you and your needs another thing I almost forgot to mention
this particular air distribution box has LED lighting around this underneath
portion here which we’re super excited about and I believe it comes in about
seven different colors so we will show you guys that once we get it installed
this is going to be the thermostat that comes from Furrion you can get this in
the basic or the premium and also you can get it to where it’s multi-zone so
we just have the premium single zone because we don’t have more than one air
conditioner and the difference between the premium and the basic is the premium
comes with the auto option and the basic does not finally we have the Furrion
Chill rooftop air conditioner what we love about Furion’s product is it is 25%
more efficient than the industry standards it also comes with a dual fan
technology and has a vibration sensor in this so that it stays ultra quiet for
you you can even put this thing in sleep mode whenever you go to bed at night
it’s gonna take two people to lift this thing up we actually had to lift it from one side
to get it peeled up and as you can see it’s just a foam seal and then it looks
like they put some butyl tape down basically some double-sided like putty
and again there’s nothing on the roof that holds this down there’s no screws
or bolts from up here it’s just those four bolts on the inside now I want to
go ahead and mention that as you can see here this hole is like I think it’s 14
and a quarter by 14 and a quarter which is the standard size for a vent fan so since
our RV is a 30 amp that means we’re gonna have one air conditioner it’s
gonna be centrally located but if you have you know like a 50 amp coach but
you only have one air conditioner and you’re wanting to add a second air
conditioner you just need the 14 by 14 vent which is the same size as the roof
vents now air conditioners are definitely heavy they’re like almost a
hundred pounds so you want to make sure that your roof is capable of holding the
weight man this thing looks disgusting up here so we’re gonna go ahead and get
all this up I’m gonna use my oscillating tool to get all this putty scraped up
get the surface clean so we’ll get a good seal we’ll put the new one on but
that was pretty simple four bolts I disconnected one wire it’s literally
just the 120 volt wire that comes out the side there and that was it pretty
simple to get off fishing this wire is gonna be a pain now the thermostat needs
four wires so I picked up some thermostat wire at Lowe’s this was
eighteen by five so now to fish this through the ceiling plug in me a pain so
we couldn’t get the wire all the way over to that cabinet where Thomas is at
we actually had to cut a hole in the roof of this cabinet here you’re not
gonna be able to see it but I just want to encourage you guys not to be too
afraid to cut holes into your roof you just need to go slow be careful and
it’ll be just fine yeah what I use is I used an oscillating
tool and then I just used a razor blade and so um you can see here how thick the
roof is so basically the bottom ceiling in here is a thin piece of land so
that’s all that I cut so there’s still that cavity in there and it actually cut
the roof on the outside just a little bit of the land bore on the inside and
then being able to put our hand over there fill around and get the cord
through so you won’t be able to see it and once you get it with the camera for
the most challenging part of all trying to figure out how to get this rooftop
air conditioner onto the roof we do not have pulleys they do recommend that you
have some kind of pulley system to get it up there
some people use two ladders we do not have two ladders and as you can see the
ladder on RV is curved so this is the challenge that we have it’s only ninety
pounds Oh only ninety pounds problem solved got the a/c up there and sat over the
hall as best as we could from the roof which is what it says doing the manual
and then it says that you can adjust it from the inside so I adjusted a little
bit on the inside be careful about sliding the a/c on the roof it mentions
that a couple of times in the manual and that’s because you don’t want to damage
the foam seal which ours is in good shape and of course if you have like a
tpo roof or something like that or a rubber roof these things are like 90
pounds you don’t want to cut your roof ours is aluminum so don’t have to worry
about that but got this adjusted in here pretty good once that’s up there just
pull this cord down which is normally up there this is gonna tie into the power
pack and that’s pretty much it for the roof that was pretty simple now for
those of you that are wondering about the seal that was up there or the putty
that was there butyl tape whatever you want to call it um I removed it made
sure that I got a good nice clean surface so it is no longer there and I
actually called fury on because in the instructions it says just to use the
seal it doesn’t even mention putty so I called fury on real quick just dialed
the 1-800 number actually talked to a guy named Tom which is kind of funny he
was super nice and he didn’t have to transfer me he literally answer my
question pretty quickly I said hey we got the air conditioner in
we took the old one off it had putty there we’re putting the new one on and
the may on does it say anything about putty should I remove it or not he said
there’s no need for putty the foam itself should seal it he said if you
want to putty it again that you can he said just use a very light amount he
said but it’s not necessary they don’t put in the instructions because you just
don’t need it the sill will be collapsed basically when the bolts are tightened
down it will make a better seal so we didn’t put any putty up there and let’s
go ahead and get these bolts on and the power connected these bolts are gonna compress the seal
up here and it says in the instructions it should be 9/16 which is just over
half an inch once it’s compressed and so it tells you to basically tighten a bolt
and go around just slowly tighten all of them in a circle and then you’re going
to torque them down to what’s about that size just to get them down there little
bit further I’m gonna go ahead and use my impact obviously I don’t want to
impact these up here and damage anything because it says this can be damaged so
I’m just going to use this because there’s such long screws for now so on
the power pack I went ahead and took the little screws out so I can get access to
the wires in the back there’s a little small portion here this is going to be
our 120 volt wires you know it’s color-coordinated and it
also has stickers on it to say which is for which which is pretty nice and handy
and then on the other side there is actually extra wire sticking out here
that we don’t need we don’t have multiple zones because we only have one
air conditioner so we don’t worry about that and then we also are not gonna be
able connected to our furnace so I went ahead and took that out now technically
the wall thermostat that we’re installing can control the air
conditioner and the furnace but unfortunately in our RV the furnace is
on the other side of the coach and the way the wires are currently ran it just
won’t really be possible to run wires to control it so we’re I went ahead and
remove those now I’m going to put these plates back on I’m gonna hook up my
120 volt wires and right here on the side there’s some screws you loosen
up you feed your romex in from the ceiling of this one here you feed that
in you know use your wire nuts and then put that plate back on and then we’re
gonna mount this up in the ceiling so I’m going to take care of that so there
is one component that is not very clear and the manual as to how to install it
and that is the freeze sensor so I want to go ahead and show you guys what I’m
doing that way if you’re doing your own install you’ll know exactly how it goes
basically what will happen is these teeth here will slide into these blue
coils and then you will push up this sensor to where it’s touching the coils
this does not go inside just the teeth do you might have to gently slide
finn’s over to get this to fit in there it’ll just push in there and then again
this sensor just presses up against it now you can do this from inside but I
wanted to be able to show you guys what it’s supposed to look like and then the
end of this will connect to your box so here on the side you can see the 120
volt power comes in from the roof goes in to the control box here goes in on
the top up there with those little clamp screws and then you can actually gain
access to it here so this group comes out about those wired up and those are
good to go and now basically the only thing left to do is the plug that comes
down from the rooftop air conditioner I’m gonna go ahead and plug that in here
alright so that’s plugged in and then now I need to go ahead and splice these
wires together I’m gonna go ahead and they’re basically marked so these go to
corresponding thermostat wires which will plug into the thermostat and then
the other one that’s hanging down as for the LED light strip so I’m gonna go
ahead and get these wires done now before I mount this up there I’m gonna
go and let you know that it takes 4 screws so there’s one on each corner
basically and on top of this was like a nice cover that’s simply unclipped so
that you can gain access to the filters and the filters just you know popped
right out they clip out as well so I took the filters out and the cover
off so that I can gain access to these screws so I’m gonna go ahead and put
this up here put all of it back together and then I’ll show you what it looks
like when it’s done after I get the thermostat mounted check this thing out
doesn’t it look nice man it just looks so modern way better than the old one
that was in here that was very dated looking it’s very sleek and it looks
nice on the outside as well it’s kind of like a futuristic looking which is
pretty cool so it was pretty simple to install I have to say overall it’s gonna
depend on your type of RV like if you have a ducted system or if you have a
thermostat it’s like for example we added a thermostat so I had this extra
couple of wires you know to connect for the thermostat but if it was just the
knob type then it was literally four bolts and you know just 120
old-line which is three connections so overall it’s very very simple to install
an air conditioner the hardest part was definitely getting the air conditioner
on the roof luckily it’s nice to grow up on a farm so I’ve you know had some
experience driving tractors and stuff and we had one so I was able to get it
up there so overall that’s probably the biggest hurdle is getting it up there
because it’s like 90 pounds I think if we had a couple of ladders and maybe an
extra set of hands we could have done it without the machinery but you know we
had it so why not use it so I have to say that it’s really quiet especially
compared to the other you know air conditioners we’ve had in the past in
our last two RVs on the Itasca we had the Coleman Mach 8 which was a great air
conditioner for us. It did freeze up every once in a while and I’m kind of excited
to see how this one turns out because it actually has a freeze sensor that goes
into the coils so I think that will help it from not icing up which is let’s face
it a pain so yeah we’re really excited with this has a nice LED light in it so
let me go ahead and turn it on for you I had to wait until this afternoon it is
69 degrees here in Florida and the thermostat will only turn on if it’s
above 60 so this morning when we got here I was gonna film it was like 55
degrees I had to wait till it warmed up so we’re plugged into Shore power but
we’re only plugged into 15 amps of shore power but I have the sweet power assist
with our multiplus by Victron. Our inverter which I can’t tell you too much
I’ll talk about that in the solar video so let’s go ahead and crank on the air
conditioner now where the camera positioned is you’re about 4 foot
away you’re like sitting at the dinette basically so I measured it and I have to
say the loudest part about this is literally the air coming out of it the
compressor is pretty quiet so let’s go ahead and turn it on I like that when
it’s on the light comes on so that is just the fan of course I can
close the vents up here to make it less loud but I’m gonna leave them all the
way open so that is no compressor that’s just the
AC on and as you can see there’s a couple of different light options I’ll
change a couple of colors for you think there’s seven colors tonal which is
pretty cool you just press the button on the thermostat you cycle through the
light options pretty cool right this is definitely probably one of my
favorites Bluegreen aqua you know we love that there we go I like to have it turned on
at least for now because that way I know hey the air conditioner is on in case it
turns itself off so I’m gonna go ahead and crank the temperature down so that
way it will turn on the compressor so I’m be quiet and we can listen to the
compressor turn on did you hear it turn it off listen for
now yeah so overall the air-conditioner is
awesome it’s way quieter than our other air-conditioner is so I’m really happy
about that especially there come the compressor
start up the compressor start up is way louder you know with the Coleman Mach 8
that we had on the Itasca I mean you could like fill it in the RV it was like
a “dunn” it was like a big like a drone delays you could really tell that it was
turning the a/c on and this one is way quieter even the one that we took off of
here which was also actually a Dometic like a 2005 model that one the
compressor again was pretty loud so I have to say that this is super quiet
we’re super happy with it man it just looks nice too LED we’re just excited to
have it period and I think that pretty much wraps up this install video I also
wanted to mention that I called fury on a couple of times when I had questions I
had a question about where the freeze plug went because the instructions the
picture was really tiny and I wasn’t quite sure it actually just goes into
the coils and they were super helpful and were able to answer the phone pretty
quickly and then I called them earlier to ask them about putting the putty on
because we had putty originally on the roof and they said it wasn’t needed so
both times I called them I called the 1-800 number yeah it was during normal
business hours but it was actually New Year’s Eve when I called and they
answered within like 2 or 3 minutes you know and got my answers I didn’t have to
get transferred or anything so pretty happy with a customer service as well
and I think that is pretty much it for this video hope you all are enjoying the
renovation series you know we still have the solar to finish up I’m actually been
finishing the panel’s today so we’ll be showing you all of that soon and man
it’s getting so close for us to be able move it catch all next time you

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  7. A tip:
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