How to Install Stone Veneer

How to Install Stone Veneer

Add a decorative accent to almost any wall
in your home with the natural look of stone veneer.
New engineered stone veneers are lighter and more budget-friendly than traditional stone,
and they’re easy to install only requiring a few tools and special adhesive. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for
your type of stone. Start with prep. Calculate how much stone
you’ll need by measuring your work area and subtracting areas that won’t be covered.
Then add 10% for extra. Let the stones and adhesive acclimate in the
room for 24 hours. This is a good time to remove any bumps or nubs on the stones, and
to plan your layout. Mix stones from different boxes and alternate sizes to break up vertical
seems. As for your work area it must be flat, clean,
and smooth. Lightly sand surfaces painted with oil-based paints. Also check that the floor, countertop, or
moulding is level. If not, find the lowest spot, hold a stone in place, mark the top,
and extend this line along the work area. This will be your guide for cutting the first
row to fit, keeping things level. Here’s a tip for wood floors: use shims under the
first row for future floor repairs or renovations. Now mark the vertical layout on a long, straight
board. This is called a jury stick. Hold it against the wall and adjust the starting line
as needed. Start the install at the bottom corner. With
a putty knife, apply a thick layer of the adhesive to the back of the stone, sort of
like icing a cupcake, and press it onto the wall.
Do the same for the next piece–keeping the joints tight–and finish row one. Make sure
everything is level. Then start the second row. Remember to stagger
the joints and keep them tight. At the row ends, use a natural stone edge for a finished
look. To cut a stone, mark it and cut face-side-up
with a masonry blade or hacksaw. Hide the cut edge toward the middle. For corners, reverse the special corner pieces
with each row. Continue installing, periodically checking
for level, and wiping off any adhesive that gets on the face of the stone before it dries. And that’s all there is to it. Clean up is as easy as using warm water (and
a brush) for interior adhesive. An ordinary wall gets an extraordinary makeover
with the natural beauty of stone veneer. Want more great ideas and how-to’s? Go to or just click to subscribe. Next, learn how to hang drywall.

36 thoughts on “How to Install Stone Veneer

  1. Can you use the same method to reface an existing brick fireplace? Will it adhere to the old brick as opposed to the drywall in this video?

  2. I have a couple of questions.
    1. is this adhesive safe for fireplace surround( no melting etc due to heat from the fireplace)
    2. My fireplace has a granite surround , Can i paste this on top of that without remove the granite?

  3. I'm doing this to my outdoor kitchen BBQ, problem is, I'm not satisfied with the colors they come in. Can these products be painted? If so, what kind of paint would I use?

  4. I just Filmed a time lapse of this EXACT Airstone product from Lowe's:
    It was pretty straight forward and exactly as described. They have a new corner stone design that looks better than whats shown above. I also mixed two different color themes to get a broader color mix. Wifey and I are very pleased.

  5. Geng, Nnti bole tolong pasangkan kt umah aku, brg aku beli, upah kira cincai, harga kawan2 ye, xmau mahal2 sgt, bajet pun xberapa nk ada… 😣😥

  6. So excited, I FINALLY got some stone, and doing an entire livingroom remodel. I went with the Shadow Grey stone.

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