How to install the Porta Contours lining

We’re gonna dress this wall with some lining boards. And today we’re going to use the Riverine profile out of the contours range. And before you get started you need to work out how much material you need. So what you got to do is get the length of the wall and divide that by the cover. Now the cover in this case is 78 millimetres. And as for the height Well we’re using two point seven meter lengths the boards. So let’s divide it by three and we’ll make them nine hundred high. Now when it comes time to attaching the boards to the wall you’ve got a couple of options here. As far as the detail goes. Chances are you’ve got an existing skirting if I just sit this forward on top of my skirting I’ve got this overhang here which I’m not a fan of. I think that looks a little bit unprofessional the way we can deal with it is we can attach a bead to the existing screening and then set our boards on top of that bead and then we can cap it off with another piece of bead on the top. All right so cut all my boards to length. Now it’s a good idea to presale these. Now if you want a lack of them or oil them it’s very important to seal both sides and particularly the ends. Now the first thing you need to do for the installation is I’m going to attach this bead to the top of my skirting. To start with your first board if you’ve got a couple of options you can push this first lining board up against the corner or alternatively you can attach a square dress piece of timber in the corner and then work your way from there. The most important thing you need to remember is when you start with a first board make sure the tongue is facing out because it’s that we’re going to rely on for our fixing. It’s looking really good now. Just adds that warm feeling to the room just got a few more boards to go. Just remember keep checking with the level and measure from the wall at the top and at the bottom to make sure you’re nice and parallel or finish a couple of boards. Then we’ll add the capping mould which is good is done.

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