How To Layer Paint To Create Shabby Chic Furniture | DIY Tutorial

Hi there, it’s Rosanne from Country Chic Paint. In this video, I’d like to show you a great distressing technique for your furniture in which we’re going to be using a three color layer distressing technique. So make sure to stay tuned. In this video we’re going to be using the following supplies: we have some lint-free rags, a brush and then three paint colors. We have
Cranberry Sauce, Fresh Mustard and Bliss So in preparation for this
demonstration I already painted this little picture frame in Cranberry Sauce and
now we’re going to apply our second coat of paint, Fresh Mustard. So just to show you, this
is kind of look we’re trying to create as our final product Since I’m
going to distress the paint I’m not worried about getting absolutely
perfect coverage So instead of letting the paint fully dry, I am just
going to let it sit for a few minutes before I’ll start distressing it with a
damp cloth. So now that we’ve waited a couple
minutes, I’m going to be using a damp cloth to distress this frame. You want to make sure that the cloth
that you’re using is damp and not dripping wet Simply wipe away as much of the paint as you want. This is your project and you can distress it as much or as little as you like. Okay, so now that we’ve done this part I’m going to wait a little bit
until it’s dry and then we’re going to go over it with
a coat of Bliss So now that our frame is dry I’m going to use a bit of Bliss to give it a final coat and after we’ve painted it, we’re going to let
it dry for a bit and then we’re going to wet distress it again. Again I’m not
looking for perfect coverage as I’ll be distressing it anyway. Alright, so our frame has now dried. It’s been about 30 minutes or so since we painted it with Bliss, so we’re going to use a damp cloth and distress it. Since this is a three color distressing were gonna reveal
some of the Fresh Mustard as well as some of the Cranberry Sauce underneath. When doing large projects, notice that
you need to rinse your cloth or switch to a clean cloth after a while, as your cloth will start to collect paint. So I’m happy with how that turned out. Of course you can keep on distressing as much or little you would like and you can
leave it like this or you can apply wax to it. Either
the Natural wax or Antiquing Wax or one of our other colors.
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