How to Make a Balloon Vintage Christmas Light Bulb

How to Make a Balloon Vintage Christmas Light Bulb

hey there thanks for visiting my Laurie
pop channel ideas that pop today I’m sharing with you step-by-step how to
create a glow-in-the-dark balloon vintage light bulb these are the
old timey decorations the vintage decorations that you use to light up
your Christmas tree with for your Christmas parties today we’re going to
use a glow-in-the-dark balloon and some other craft pieces to decorate your
house for a party this is a really cute DIY to hang outside right before you
have a Christmas party or a holiday gathering with family and friends and girl
friends what you would do is hang these glow-in-the-dark light up balloons
across your garage door or you can hang them across your front little porch
railing you only need if you’re using your
garage door for your decorations you only need about 8 glow-in-the-dark
balloons and I will link below all of the products that I’m gonna use for this
craft so you can get them all on Amazon prime and get them before this
Christmas notice that these vintage light bulbs are oval shapes so the oval
is going to be the balloon the glow-in-the-dark balloon and the silver
part down here is gonna be dark dixie cup we’re going to attach a dark dixie
cup to an oval-shaped balloon and it’s going to be glow-in-the-dark so I
recommend using these outside you could hang them up inside but take it from me
you cannot tell at all that they are lighting up inside so when you have your
party you need to be able to do this DIY craft before right before the party
starts like 30 minutes before the party starts and once you get the hang of it
you can do them in about probably 1 minute per balloon but I just wanted to
tell you that up front so you know for planning purposes I do recommend trying
this before the night of the party so you know how to bang them out really
quick and remember when you’re throwing a Christmas party people are coming for
your presence not presents so don’t stress
about the small stuff it’s gonna be decorated it’s gonna be festive and
those people are gonna enjoy being with you and your family and friends and they
don’t care what it really looks like but this is just a fun way to decorate for a
Christmas party if you have time you’re gonna need to get or get out of your
pantry some paper cups and spray paint them black these are three and a half
inches you can even use the 4 inch cups if that’s the height that you have for
your dimension these glow-in-the-dark balloons I found on Amazon and these are
very very good you just pull really fast the tab out and this pull tab will
immediately turn on the balloons light and it is gonna last about 2 to 4 hours
so you will want to do them the night of your party I’m awful at tying balloons
but you do know the Hat right you stretch it a lot right here before you
tie it and it loosens it up if you don’t have glow-in-the-dark balloons and you
have a ton of just regular balloons just stick a glow stick down in there and
break it right before glow sticks do lasts longer but these lights I like
because they flash and they all have different rhythms that they go to the
two strings you’re gonna need are this little ribbon the little twirly ribbon
and some twine now the twine is gonna be your strong string and with your green
ribbon or whatever color ribbon you have you want to cut off 12 inch pieces of
ribbon for each glow-in-the-dark balloon light and then let’s grab your spray
painted black cups and poke a hole through it at the very bottom and you
don’t want to stick the whole pencil through it because you’re only putting
this ribbon through it so you just want to push the lid apart the point of the
pencil through it to make a little hole so that you can get this ribbon through
it and just tie it right there against the bottom of the cup maybe one or two
times or so that it keeps the balloon stuck to or drawn up against the cup so
our ribbon is tie against them out of the balloon poked
through and tied once or twice on the bottom of the cup on the other side of
the bottom of the cup now you’re gonna just tie that part tie
at the rest of your ribbon against the twine and then you can cut off any
excess ribbon and then you space them out however you want to and then hang
them up the twine will easily tie against the command strip that you’ve
stuck to the side of your garage door there is another way that you can use
these balloons and you just blow the glow-in-the-dark balloons up into a
circular form not oval you want them to be circular like a little glass ball
ornament and then you tie the green ribbon the 12-inch part you tie that
green ribbon to the balloon and then you tie poke a hole through a shallow like
frozen yogurt cup and then tie it to that little hole and then you stick a
little pipe cleaner up make sure you stick the ribbon and the pipe cleaner
through that hole at the same time and then for the pipe cleaner you want to
just fold it over kind of zigzag zigzag accordion style it and put it up against
the bottom of the cup have fun let me know if you think of a different way
that you can use these balloons or make something for decorating for your
Christmas party out of balloons or glow-in-the-dark balloons let me know in
the comment section below I love comments and I love y’all Merry
Christmas thanks for popping over to my LauriePOP Channel ideas that pop look
through my playlist I have travel ideas I have makeup ideas I have fashion ideas
other home organization ideas so pop around my channel and see what ideas
have popped into my head that are popping into your head and Merry
Christmas party time to you

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  1. I really like your t shirt, it's so cute, I love vintage designs. Really like your balloon lights idea.
    I wish you had shown tho, all the lights hanging up outdoors at night. I feel let down. 😭🤣 Seriously tho, definitely anti-climatic outro.

  2. Well, aren't you smart. I've not seen these before. Absolutely love them and thanks so much for sharing. Peace! Toni 💚🌷

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