How To Make A Dino Fossil

Shaaka guys we are looking way into the past for some inspiration today not last year or yesterday, but millions of years ago and Back get ready for some cool tips and tricks because I am going to show you Believe it or not how to create a dino fossil Okay, let’s make a dino fossil so first. We’ll take some clay now. This is regular Modelling clay So you can make a nice big ball out of this Spread it a little Now this will act as a base or a rock for a fossil Now for a fossil we need a dinosaur So I have a dinosaur right here Looks like an angry One look at the mouth So you can pick up any toy like this and now place this in the middle? And you have to press it down to get the shape now we just apply some pressure and press the dinosaur into the [Modelling] clay So you press it tight? So [I] have taken a toy which has a lot of texture on it There’s a lot of detail so that when I pull this out I have [a] nice detailed impression of the dino on my [modelling] clay watch this Carefully pull it out And you can see we have a nice impression of the dino. I will place this and Take some more clay so I’m just putting a wall of clay Around our impression so that we can pour pupae in this and make a fossil Okay, now that [a] wall is ready Let’s get our special ingredient plaster of Paris so [here]. I have plaster of Paris we’ll [add] some [water] to this powder and [we] store it and You need to keep this a little dilute so that you get all the details in the fossil okay, [let’s] pour this as You can see t.o.p dries really fast. It’s almost solid Getting thicker Now this will take a few minutes to dry say about five so we keep it aside There you go now. What can I do in five minutes? [I]? Can have some popcorn? mmm full okay Get it as a popcorn time for our dino fossil As you can see looks completely dry so first, we’ll take off the [wall] Do it gently once the wall is off? you can flip it and then [just] peel the clay and there you have your dino fossil It looks like that. This was formed you know by pressing the Dino body for millions of years Looks pretty realistic. What do you think now to make this a little more impressive? You [can] actually paint on this so we get some paints I’m using acrylic [Colours] So now we will try and create a little rock like texture I’m taking a piece of sponge and Then we’ll gently Dab it and you should paint the whole piece so that it looks like an actual rock and not something that you have made and Just like that your dino fossil is now ready Look at that looks pretty realistic and with this technique. You can make a fossil of anything you want As promised [our] dino fossil didn’t take a million years to make but it did take some time and now It’s time to leave I’m so sad. I was having so much fun guys But we can connect. I want to know what you think you guys are creative people and if you are creative Then watch all the other stuff that I’ve been doing We’ll enjoy it also share it with your friends I’m sure they will also like all the fun stuff [that] we are making So that we have a big community of artists I love artists I love art so I’m going now to prepare some more stuff for you guys, so until next time [Shaaka] Sad But I have to go bye

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