How to Make a Dreamcatcher | Sea Lemon

How to Make a Dreamcatcher | Sea Lemon

According to the legend of dreamcatchers
dreams filter through the shape of a circle which represents either
the sun or circle of life. Bad dreams get caught
in the web and disappear when the sun comes up. Good dreams escape through a small hole
in the center and gently glide down to the person sleeping. Hello! A lot of you left comments on my instagram photos asking if I could do a tutorial for a dreamcatcher so I thought I’d give
it a try and show you how to make one. The origin of dreamcatchers is really
interesting and if you want to learn more about its Native American history be sure to check
out the information in video description below. I decided to make mine following aspects of dreamcatcher legends and I gave it kind of an earthy vibe with the colors and wooden beads. Whether you want to do the same or substitute the materials, the way you make your dreamcatcher is totally up to you. The materials I used include a 5 inch hoop. 2 yards of suede lace, craft glue, clips to hold a lace while it dries, scissors and artificial sinew. A single bead in
the web represents the spider that made the web and for that I’m using this charm. The
beads that hang down represent good dreams and for those I’m
using a mix of about 18 beads and I’m using a mix of 6 feathers which are supposed to provide
a soft landing for the dreams coming down. You can also choose to substitute these
materials for something similar. First I’m going to wrap the hoop in
suede lace. Put some glue on the hoop and holding the
end wrap it around until you have a section
to clip. Then continue adding glue which doesn’t
have to be on every part of the hoop, just glue on as
you go and wrap it. you can rotate the clips from section to
section once they are dry. When you reach the
end glue and wrap the lace up to the beginning point and clip it. Then let it dry completely. Once it’s dry you can then unclip it and trim the end close to the hoop. Save
any left over to use for the hanger. Now let’s make the web. With the sinew start with a piece that’s about 2 yards
long. Start by tying the knot on the hoop I tied one extra knot because this stuff
is slippery and can come undone. Now about two inches over loop it around and back out the loop
you made. Make sure the sinew is pulled tight while you thread each loop. Do this again around the entire frame.
You can measure out the points if you want to but I just eyeballed it. It’s okay if
they aren’t evenly spaced. When you are back to the first loop loop again right next to it and now loop
around the middle of the sinew next to it. Continue with the same looping method, around the middle of each thread next
to it and pull it tight as you go. When you reach the end just continue looping around the middle
of the thread next to it over and back through. The web starts to get smaller toward the
center and I thought this dark paper might help you to see it better. The method gets easier as you go and you just keep threading the web as
the sections get smaller and smaller. Now I’m going to leave a small hole in the
center for the good dreams to escape through and thread the charm or bead on next to it.
Then tie a knot on the next loop. And just like before you might want to
knot it one extra time just to make it secure. Then cut the extra sinew off of both ends. After the web is finished grab the small
piece of lace and tie a knot on one end. Decide where
you want the dreamcatcher to hang from and loop it through like this. Now let’s make the tassels. Loop the suede lace and estimate how long you want it to be. There’s no right length, it’s totally up to
you. Trim it and make two more at the same length, so
you should have three pieces that are doubled up like this. Just a tip if you’re suede lace is too
curly and hard to work with just sandwich it flat between paper and
iron it on medium for about five seconds. Now on the bottom
of the hoop, thread the looped end of the lace around it creating a knot just like he did on the
hanger. Do this with each piece. Then thread the beads on each end and
attach the feathers on the end by adding just a
little glue. Put something small on top to weigh it down until it dries. Do this for each feather. When they are all
dry you can gently slide the beads over the
glued area for a cleaner look. You can then hang it up above your bed
or anywhere you want to bring you good dreams. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you like this video click that LIKE
button and let me know what you think in the comments below. I love seeing project pics, so go ahead and share those on any of my social links. For more tutorials be sure to subscribe and check out my
channel Sea Lemon. If you’re ready for another project you
might like to try one of these here. You can find all the links and more
information in the video description below.

100 thoughts on “How to Make a Dreamcatcher | Sea Lemon

  1. Great video! Easy to understand, well explained, awesome that you provided info on the Native American legend of dream catchers:)

  2. Thank you so much for this video. I bought a kit to make a dream catcher for my newborn granddaughter and I was totally lost on the instructions. I was about to give up and toss it all in the trash. Thank you for showing me how to make all the bad dreams go away for my beautiful grandbaby.

  3. I made this too! Something indeed glided down on my head while I slept. It was a bead of one of the ends. Ouch. Fixed it with a little hot glue though.

  4. I am curious as to what federally recognized tribe you are a member of? Did you receive permission from the Indian Arts and Crafts Act to publish this youtube video?

  5. Thank you this is beautifull I wan to make one for my husband because he had heart surgery but right now finances are not good. We have 4 kids and trying to make it every day but this made me feel good seeing how pretty it is thank you.

  6. I made it using light green lace and jute for the loops
    As for the charm I used a cat face bead and for the feathers I used my parrots feathers which cam out
    It was fun thank you for this tutorial

  7. I found out about dream catches from my nan when I was very little because she loves them and has them all around her house. I made one once at her house and she still has it hung up in the living room. I make them all the time now! 😊

  8. I am back watching this again; I first saw this 2 years ago. Thanks for your hard work! I hope this finds you happy and well these days!

  9. I did a dreamcatcher too,but i don't think it came out good. Maybe i forget to leave a hole so the dreams can escape…. I don't think this is going to be a problem,right??

  10. You make beautiful dream catchers! Great work. Perfect golden mean proportions. Which is how dream catchers work, btw (: Negative energies cannot survive around/within something fractal or golden mean. Anyone can look up Dan Winter for more information on this. I consider him the leading expert in the field.

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