How to Make a Fabric Book Cover

How to Make a Fabric Book Cover

Hey guys, it’s Clara from online Fabric store Making fabric book covers is super quick and easy I’m going to make one for this textbook, but you can make them for any binder, journal, or hardcover book. so let’s get started. The materials you’ll need are: fabric, thread, scissors, a tape measure, a fabric marker, pins, and an iron. With the book closed measure from the edge of the back cover around to the edge of the front. That’s 19 inches for this book. Also measure the height which is 11 inches here. Add 8 inches to the width and 2 inches to the height and cut out a piece of fabric that’s this size. So my piece is 27 by 13 inches. I’m using an outdoor fabric for this textbook because it’s durable and water and stain resistant. You could also use a lightweight cotton print or a drapery fabric Fold in the ends about a quarter of an inch and iron. Sew down the fold on both sides. Lay the book flat on the right side of the fabric and center it. There should be about four inches or a little less on the sides. Fold the fabric in over the ends of the cover and pin on the top and bottom. Make sure it fits when closed. Mark a line about an eighth of an inch from the top and bottom of the book on all corners. Sew on the marked lines. Clip the excess fabric from the corners and turn right side out. Iron the ends flat. Fold the top and bottom in to match the pockets and iron. Slide the cover into the pockets and the fabric book cover is done. This is great back-to-school project to protect and beautify all your books and binders, but if you’re no longer in school, you can still use book covers in a decorative way on your shelves or coffee table. Thanks for watching this OFS project.

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  2. Way to spruce up plain scrapbook binders/books as well, thanks and keep these ideas coming……please

  3. I Love this tutorial, just one suggestion to anybody wanting to make this. The lady in the video said she used a heavier home decor fabric, but if you are planning on making this out of quilting cotton or a lighter weight fabric, I would suggest adding a lining. The lining prevents any show through from the text on the book or otherwise!

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  5. Great video. Simple and straightforward. I don't like videos where there is lots of waffling – none of that here. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Just a might want to tell people in the supplies needed segment that they will also need a sewing machine and iron. Neither of which I have so sadly I cannot make this. 😕

  7. Omg!! It's super easy😍😍
    I was little bit tensed about making project life album's cover. Searching something easy way. So now i can apply this method😃Thanks a lot😁

  8. I tried this for a spiral bound notebook and it just doesn’t work 🙁 because when I lay it down open and fold the inner flap ends over it is one dimension, but when I close the book it needs about another inch in length to be able to close. Was bummed because this was the best most simplest method I found after so many! Maybe elastic or a stretchy fabric on the spine/spirals would work. Frustrated!

  9. An alternative to measuring the book before hand is to lay it flat and measure 4 inches from either side and one inch from the top. Saves time and unnecessary measurements. I used thin pj fleece which was a little tricky to work with.

  10. So clear and simple, thank you! I've seen several tutorials on cover making and NONE of them have been as quick and straightforward as this one.

  11. Thank you so much for this video! Just finished my first cover with an African fabric. Looks beautiful!

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