How to Make a Gallery Wall

How to Make a Gallery Wall

Hi, I’m Sonja, Shutterfly tastemaker. At Shutterfly, we love gallery walls because
they are so individual, modern and a focal point for the entire room. A gallery wall lets you freshen up your space
to tell your story or express yourself through color and texture and your favorite moments. It’s whatever you want to say to the world
or a message that you want to have communicated to you every time you walk into a room. With a little planning and some fits and tricks
it is easy to make a picture perfect display. Throughout this video I’ll show you how
to make a gallery wall you’ll love. If you’re looking for inspiration, why not
check out your phone. I mean, the photos on your phone are a pretty
true expression of who you are and what you like whether that’s photos of scenery, pictures
of food or you having fun with your friends. And your photos do not have to be from the
same day or the same trip or the same meal. You’re building your story however you want. And remember, you can also incorporate other
elements into your wall. You can skip the frames all together for one
look or go the opposite direction, keep them fully cohesive for another. What about a single color or a color scheme
that 00:01:10 matches the vibe of the room? Think about the furniture in the room and
how that’s going to work with the artwork on your wall. Experiment. This is really your chance to get creative. Remember, you are building your story however
you want it. One of the things you will quickly realize
when you put together your gallery wall is how much fun you can have mixing and matching
the different materials to bring some texture into your room. Shutterfly offers six different materials
for your wall such as canvas, wood and metal. Think about this: try pairing the photograph
to the right materials. So if you have something scenic and outdoorsy,
something organic; use wood. And if it’s bold and graphic with lots of
color; maybe try metal. And think about your frame options enhancing
your artwork as well. With a big, bold gallery wall, spacing is
key. And have fun. Adding different elements create an eclectic
style. Shutterfly has 45 different arrangements for
your photos through Design-A-Wall. So you are sure to find the gallery wall template
that’s perfect for you. And one thing to keep in mind, you don’t
have to do the whole gallery wall at once. Here’s what you do. Just start from the center and you can build
out over time. Tie your walls together with things like the
color palette or photography; whether it’s all bold colors or all black and white. Or the typography or the theme: beaches or
blue hues or anything else you can dream up. You’ll want to integrate the text sparingly
for impact as opposed to having it on every photo. You know, one or two pieces with big, bold
words can really make a statement. And, if you need some ideas, check out our
art library. You’ll find inspired elements that can complement
your story. Now comes what some might call the hardest
part; hanging your gallery wall. Don’t worry, Shutterfly makes this easy. Each of our Design-A-Walls comes with a simple
hanging template. When you’re ready to hang your art, just
tack it on the wall to show where your art will hang and everything is mapped out on
it. Be sure to use the level that’s included
in your kit, grab your drill and start hanging. Let’s make this space yours. I hope we have inspired you today. As you’ve seen, your options are endless. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your
photos and make a unique space that brings your story home. For more tips and to start designing your
gallery wall visit art. And most of all, have fun. It’s your story after all.

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