How to make a Pallet Planter

Here’s how you can make a pallet planter quickly
and inexpensively. Find a pallet that’s in good condition. You could use a full pallet
for this, but to keep the weight manageable, we cut it down to a smaller size. Mark a line
just outside the center over the pallet so that after the cut, you’ll have a board running
along each side. Measure the width and length of the pallet then cut a piece of landscape
fabric about 4 inches longer and wider. With the pallet topside down, staple the fabric
to the inside face of the top of the pallet. Use plenty of staples and be sure to staple
the sides as well as the inside face. Pallet wood can be very hard so tap the staples in
with a hammer if needed. Repeat this for the bottom side of the pallet. But this time,
staple the fabric to the outer face, leaving extra 4 to 5 inches to fold over each end,
but at this time only staple 1 inch shut. Leave the other open. Tip the planter so the
open end is up and begin filling with potting mix. After every 6 or so inches, take a broom
handle gently tamp it firm to prevent settling later. Keep adding soil and tamping until
the planter is full. Now you can staple the end shut. Lay the planter flat and cut an
X pattern with a razor blade in the spots you want to plant. With your fingers, hollow
out a planting space, remove a little soil if necessary, then insert the root ball into
the hole. The step is easier if you start with small plants. Pallet planters are heavy
so if you mount one on a wall, be sure you have a solid structure to fasten it to. A
good way to support the weight is with a mounting strip like this. Make sure the screws are
driven into wall studs. With another person helping you, lift the planter and set it on
the mounting strip. Then drive the screw through each top corner and into the wall to secure
the planter. Once the pallet is planted, all you have to do is water and fertilize as you
would with any container. When it grows in, you’ll have a beautiful hanging garden like

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