How to make a pallet wall

How to make a pallet wall

So the first thing, we’ll do is take off this cover plate We’ll have to take this piece of trim off Part of this off too. We’re going to put 7/16 OSB on here. My pallets are one inch thick. Pallets have already been cut. I’ve stained them 2 different colors So these are our boards I got two different sizes I Got 3 3/8″ and 5 3/8″ ; 5 3/8″ I’ve stained Jacobean And 3 3/8″, I painted red mahogany And I’m going to go… skinny, thick, skinny, thick, skinny, thick; all the way up So mark and cut our first backer piece finally done… finally done

33 thoughts on “How to make a pallet wall

  1. Nice job you took some pride there are some that look like shit and they think there beautiful.They don't clean the wood they think the yellow color of the wood is natural. It's piss stain from the Mexigans

  2. Really nice! How did you prepare the planks, did you plane them? Did you use the same stain on all of them?

  3. I bought excellent instructions from WoodPrix website. Just google WoodPrix and start your journey with woodworking

  4. hi. good job you did there. What details do you have about the nail gun. How long are the nails ?
    I've seen some electric nail guns for under £30 but they have limited capacity in regards to length of nails it takes

  5. Did you square the ends of the planks on a saw or did you just hit them together and whatever the reveal was you went with it ?

  6. Thanks for the upload! Did you have to move the box for the outlet so that it stuck out further, to compensate for the OSB? It seems like otherwise there would be a gap between the outlet cover and plugs. Hope I am making sense.

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