How to make a paper flower topiary decoration

How to make a paper flower topiary decoration

HOW TO MAKE A PAPER FLOWER TOPIARY Use the video description for materials and details I used canvas workspace to create the flower templates Trace and cut a small polystyrene circle for the stick base Place liquid silicone on one side Glue it to cover the hole Reinforce it with tooth picks Place the wood stick in the center Put liquid silicone around the edges Place and glue both sides together Trace and cut a circle to fit inside the bottom of the flower pot Cut another part to fit inside the top opening Glue the bottom part inside the flower pot with liquid silicone Place some leftovers inside Glue and place the top side to close the flower pot Reinforce it with more liquid silicone Prepare for painting Paint the flower pot using the desired color When dried, place the wood stick in the center of the flower pot Paint the polystyrene ball in the desired color as well Don’t forget the wood stick Cut the flowers using the Scanncut Brother machine You can cut them manualy as well, it just takes a lot longer The number of the flowers needed, depends of the diameter of the ball Remove the flowers from the cutting sheet On a foam pad, use any rounded tool to shape the flower petals Use decorative needles to pin the flowers Pin the flowers to cover the entire polystyrene ball Cut thin layers of crepe paper Unfold the crepe paper, creating paper confetti Decorate the top of the flower pot Congratulations, now you have a beautiful paper flower topiary Don’t forget to like and subscribe Museta, ideas for your home and family Follow me on social media

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