How to make a regular tetrahedron Light. Interior Design Light DIY.

How to make a regular tetrahedron Light. Interior Design Light DIY.

How to make a regular tetrahedron Light. Interior Design Light DIY. Hi, I’m an Uncle carpenter Today, let’s look at how to make a lighting frame that was predicted in the last stool making the video. This lighting frame is easy to make. However, if the angles do not match at all, the oblique faces do not fit, creating a gap when assembled. Today we will learn how to cut at an angle when manufacturing, and how to assemble easily. Making a square-shaped light frame that can be used for interior purposes in many places, such as homes and cafes. I will show you how to make it easy. Before watching the video, please Subscribe and Like and press the Alarm. It was made using walnut wood. The size is 8mm thickness 30mm width 300mm length 12 total is required. The band saw that you are using now makes it big by mimicking the small band saw you have. I think I made it too well. Adjust the thickness accurately using an automatic plane. Cut both sides equally at 55 degrees and 30 degrees of a slope with respect to the Dewalt sliding saw. Make a total of 6 pieces by attaching two pieces. Of course, you can cut 6 pieces equally on both sides. However, this method seems more accurate. After the bonding is completed, gently sand. The knot part is filled with wood dust and instant adhesive, and is sandpapered. Then, it gets better. Use a trimmer to chamfer. Use paper tape to line up correctly. Make a 10mm groove in the center of the oblique surface. A groove with a width of 10 mm and a depth of 12 mm was thus formed. Make four equilateral triangular biscuits with a bevel angle of 36mm. Put the biscuits, attach them with paper tape, and fasten them to each side with a clamp. When the finished biscuit is removed, the frame of the tetrahedron is completed. If there is a groove in the joint, glue it in and fill it with wood dust. Make the upper part of the part to be connected flat and drill a hole. Oil is purchased in a large container, and it is inexpensive to use in a small container. Make a place for the socket after the oil work. Make a loop to be fixed to the ceiling. Lighting used G9 pin lighting. I bought a 7W model because it is going to be used in the kitchen but it is a bit dark. It should be about 11 watts or 13 watts. Connect the switch for testing. Once installed in the studio. It does not match, but the atmosphere is good. It is a fluorescent lamp installed in an existing kitchen. It is a newly installed light. The atmosphere is really much different from fluorescent lights. A future video will be uploaded every Friday at 7 PM. Friday is woodworking day !! Please remember !! The next task is how can beginners be good at sawing? And how to make the third joint method that was used to create the stool. If you have fun watching videos, subscribe and like and press the alarm. Then you can see the next video quickly.

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