How to Make a Shadow Box Picture Frame : Wood Putty for Shadow Box Frame

Hi, this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village.
In this video clip I will be talking about working with wood putty. On my picture frame
I have this little gap here that didn’t line up perfectly when I glued it. This could be
due to a bad gluing job or my miter saw might of been just a little bit off when I cut it.
Regardless of how that happened we need to find a solution to cover that up and fix it.
To fix any gaps we’re going to be using a product called wood putty which is kind of
like play dough that you would stick into that joint. Now when you buy wood putty you
want to buy the color that you’re going to stain your piece. So we’re going to stain
it a dark walnut, so I’m going to get a walnut wood putty. To use this you’re just going
to take a little bit and work it into the joint and come back and wipe off any of the
excess and you’re going to go around and do this for every joint that is open. After you’ve
worked the wood putty in you can go back and sand off any excess. Now, it’s fine that it
does look a little bit darker than the surrounding wood because we are going to stain it a dark

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