How to Make a Wind Chime | DIY Abalone Beachy Mermaid Home Decor | The Magic Crafter

How to Make a Wind Chime | DIY Abalone Beachy Mermaid Home Decor | The Magic Crafter

Hey there, it’s Mermaid Phantom, from The Magic Crafter dot com ( and I’m in the middle of town right now, so I’m kind of whispering. But… this, in front of you, is an Abalone Seashell Wind Chime. I am going to show you how to make it in just a second, but before I do, I want to let you know that the tutorial portion of this video was filmed waaaay back in the summer of 2016. So, I didn’t have quite the experience with creating videos as I do now. So, it’s a bit clunky and I kept mispronouncing “Abalone” as “Ab- Alone.” Yeaaahhh… just thought I’d point that out! Sorry! I feel like a bad mermaid, but umm… I’m a freshwater mermaid! We don’t have Abalone seashells up here, soooo… SORRY! Please forgive me!!! Anyways, please enjoy this video. It is going to be the first of many more home decor DIY videos to come. Because I love home decor stuff! (And I want a house, really, REALLY bad!) So, please enjoy the video, and Happy Magic Crafting! ♥ Here’s what you’ll need: An Abalone Seashell that is sturdy and has AT LEAST 5 holes. 3 Metal pieces from an old wind chime. I just bought an inexpensive wind chime at the supermarket and tore it apart… I think I got it for about $3.00 USD. You will also need some hemp cord. I’m going to be using white. You will want some clear Transite String. A pair of scissors. AND your big treasure chest full of pearls and gems and other glass beads. To start making your wind chime, start out by measuring approximately 2 feet of Transite String. Then, go ahead and take one of your metal wind chime pieces and thread it through the transite string. Line up the 2 ends of your string, and pinch them together. Make sure that your metal wind chime piece hangs… like this! Now, tie a knot with both of the strings. Like that. Next, we are going to add beads on to the 2 ends of the transite string. Make sure that each bead slides over both strings. This is going to make it nice and sturdy! But, before you add your beads, tie a few extra knots down here. (Right above your metal wind chime piece) that way, none of them slip and butt up right to this metal piece because that will look a little silly. ***Cheerful Music Playing*** Now I’m going tot go ahead and add some beads… *** Cheerful Music Playing*** Once you are satisfied with the length that your strand of beads is, we are going to attach the bead strand to the abalone seashell. To do this, take your transite string and loop it through the first hole of your abalone seashell. Now, take a bead that is BIGGER than the hole and you are going to stick it one this side of the shell. So, pull your string in Take these 2 strands And string your large bead through it, like that! Then, take the two ends of the string and and wind it back through the other end of your bead. Try to get the bead as close to the hole as possible. Pull tight. Now, Tie a few knots just so that the string doesn’t slip back through the bead. You don’t want your wind chime to fall apart when you go to hang it, do you? Once you have a few good knots tied, go ahead and cut that string. This is what it should look like after you tie that string off. There should be a little bead here. And your strand will hang just like this. What we are going to do next is repeat that process of creating a strand of beads with a metal wind chime piece at the end. You are going to do this for the 3rd hole and the 5th hole of your abalone shell. So, get your wind chimes, get your transite string, and START BEADING!!! ♥ I’ll meet you back at the next step. Do you have 3 strands of beads and metal wind chime pieces hanging from the 1st, 3rd, and 5th hole of your abalone seashell? Excellent!!! You are ready to move on to the next step, which is adding some decorative strands to the 2nd and 4th holes of your abalone shell. Let’s go! Measure out about 2 feet of the transite string. Aaaannnddd…. cut that! Now, take a really tiny pearl or or whatever size/type of bead that you would like and place it on one of the ends of your transite string. Line the ends up, and let the bead fall down to their middle. Once you have that bead down where it needs to be, take the two ends of your transite string and take a larger decorative bead (I’m going to use one of these fake big pearl things??? Not sure what to call it!) and string that big bead on to both ends of the transite string. ***Cheerful Music Playing*** And then, continue to add beads how you think would look best. ***Cheerful Music Playing*** When you have your first decorative strand of beads complete, take it and wind the two ends of the transite string through the second whole of your abalone seashell. Next, hold up your shell wind chime and determine how long it is that you want the decorative strand to hang. I like my decorative strand to be a bit longer than the strands with the wind chime pieces on it. Mine’s going to look a little bit like this. And I’m going to go back to the other side of the shell here… and I think I’m going to take a gemstone and use that to fasten my strand on to my abalone shell. Like this. And then again, take it through the end of the bead a second time. Make sure you pull it as tight as you want it to be. And tie a few knots. ***Cheerful Music Playing*** When you are done attaching this piece, you can go on to make your last decorative piece. Then we’ll move on to the final step of creating your abalone seashell wind chime. Once you have added your last strand of decorative beads, there is one step left before you are done with your abalone shell wind chime. Take about 3 feet of hemp chord (or a little more/ a little less depending on how high/low you want your wind chime to hang) I’m going to use about 3 feet… and then cut that. Now take one of the ends and wind it through the first hole on your abalone shell. And take the other end, lift up all of your decorative beads, put the hemp chord underneath them… Then wind that end through the 5th hole of your shell. Line up the ends of your hemp chord make sure they’re even. Now lift up your wind chime… Understand that it’s going to hang kind of sideways.. (and of course, you can hang it this way if you prefer…it’s meant to hang this way, but it’s up to you!) and let it hang kind of naturally. And then tie a knot just a few inches above where it hangs. After you have that knot tied, create a loop, like this… and tie a knot right underneath your other knot. Right here. ***Cheerful Music Playing*** And pull it like that! Now you have a loop right here. And just for security, I’m going to take that loop and I’m going to tie it around all of these loose ends right here. And it’s up to you if you want to cut the extra strings or let them hang. I kind of like how they look when they hang! So I’m just going to leave them be. And then you are all done with your wind chime. 🙂 It makes a very pretty noise ♥ Thanks, everyone for watching this video! I hope you found it enjoyable. If you did, please give it a “thumbs up.” And share it with any mermaid friends that you think would like this or enjoy it. And of course, you can share it with your fairy friends too. Or any friends that you may have! 😀 Honestly, when I first created this I didn’t know how it was going to end up. But when I created my first abalone seashell windchime, I was so in love with it that I just had to share it with you all… sooooo…. Ugh… I really, really enjoyed creating this tutorial for you ♥ Please let me know how you feel about it. Also, I would love to see your creations. Feel free to experiment with the colors different lengths different styles… If you want to flip your shell over this way and decorate the back some I think that could be cool too! Please feel free to share your photos with me on The Magic Crafter Facebook Page. (Which will be linked in the description box below) I would really, really love to see what you guys come up with. ♥ Thanks again for watching. Remember to live life magically! And… just… have a WONDERFUL day. Have a wonderful day, everyone. And have many more wonderful days. “Is there anything that you’d like to learn to make?” “Please leave it in the comments and maybe I can craft something just for you!”

11 thoughts on “How to Make a Wind Chime | DIY Abalone Beachy Mermaid Home Decor | The Magic Crafter

  1. Hi, I really love your Abalone Windchime, it came out so pretty. Can I ask you? what is transit string? it looks to me like fishing line, is it? never heard of transit string. Love the colors you chose, all the colors of the sea 🙂 great video

  2. If you are looking for where to buy an Abalone Sea Shell, then please check with your local crafting store (that way you can check and make sure you get one with enough holes!). Otherwise, you can find some for sale on the internet too. In the description box, I have a link to where you can get one online juuust in case! ♥ Happy magic crafting! ♥

  3. Nice video! Made ours with a 4 holed abalone shell with extra chimes and it came out wonderfully. Thanks for the idea!

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