How to Make a Wooden Sound Diffuser

How to Make a Wooden Sound Diffuser

I recently was asked by a friend who produces
music to build a sound diffuserfor him looking online wooden sound diffusers
can cost you anywhere from a hundred fifty dollars to nearly five hundred
dollars just for 24 x 24 inch panel in this video I’ll show you how to make a
17 inch square sound of user an afternoon with a couple tools with a
cost of about twenty-five dollars to begin you’ll need to make a trip to
your local hardware store in my case closed the backboard i use is made from
a three-quarter-inch pine wood panel other panels of work just make sure
they’re strong enough to support hundred and thirty-one blocks the panel needs to
be at least 17 inches by 7 inches try to find a panel the least amount of
deformities actually the square boards boards ended
up using were 1.4 inches forward by $OPERAND feet long we need 49 feet of wood percent easier
plus i like to get an extra just in case any of the block something out the way
of life again check for me to make sure the boards are straight as possible at
this point ready start cutting cut the panel into a 17-inch my second explored
a table saw BFS took the strong skill saw works now something about the blocks all four
different-sized borders 2 inches four inches 6 inches in ages i use a
Microsoft to sit without the distance from subblock and down make sure let’s
go by quicker rather than measuring each block individual this is the most
tedious part of the process will need to cut 38 and flocks 34 inch box 46 inch
blocks and 15 haters box after an hour of cutting you should up
with piles like this the next step is standing while you can
do this by hand a power center makes this process much faster potentially last step is going down the
blocks developed diagram i found online is calculated produce the best results
i’ll put the link in the description but the wiggly drive for a full day
afterwards she can pick up a whole thing by single block although I wouldn’t recommend it I took the project is that further with
one of the sounders best and i use mission oak and polyurethane combo
spread the majority of the same i picked up by going in and doing catch up with
brush yeah when it’s all said and done you should
have a functional sound user that looks kind of like abstract art for more
information exact details for links and block placement check down below in the
video description if you’d like to learn how sound of users were a link a video
to someone you can explain it way better than I can i hope you enjoyed this video
and thanks for watching yeah don’t be weird with this

20 thoughts on “How to Make a Wooden Sound Diffuser

  1. If you build them yourselves I had expected you build them mirror symetric because this is required for small rooms. You also can use the non planar version which helps to diffuse very high frequencies. See here:

  2. really good video, in the process of sorting materials to get going, was just wondering how you built a 17inch board but used the same measurements as the website you linked for a 24" or 12" one? Thanks for the video its been the best I've seen!

  3. I'm glad I watched until the end. you reminded me I need to buy 50 loaves of bread cut into 2", 4",6" and 8" sections
    🍞 🍞 🍞 🍞 🍞 🍞

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